Making my first fighting stick

Hey guys,

First port here and I’m trying to get into making my own fighting sticks. I went to the neighborhood goodwill and I was able to find a wooden box used to hold silverware and decided to use that as my controller skeleton. Of course everything is going to be repainted but i wanted to know specifically whats the best option if there isn’t a sunken portion on the top of the box. The reason i ask is because i want to put a piece of acrylic on top of the box so i can put a sticker under it. I love the framed flush look on the sticks at joystickvalut.


post pictures of this box and well take it from there

A plunge router + depth setting + a jig (in this case the jig would be a board long enough that with the router attached in the middle, the bit can reach wherever you need it to and the board still rests on the edges of the box) assuming the wood is thick enough.

I would imagine you could get some trim and attach itaround the outside of the box to create that lip/frame.