Making myself some stick art - suggestions/help/ideas? (I've started, but...)

So I was looking through my folder of photoshoppable sprites and stuff, yadda yadda, wallpapers, all that… and I found this cool wallpaper someone made on DeviantArt I found years ago, and I was like “well nah, I don’t want to totally just jack someone else’s stuff…” but then I guess I realized I’m just using it for personal use… it’s like printing it out, or using it as wallpaper, etc. I still am not totally convinced on the idea. Anyway, that doesn’t matter. :lol:

I incorporated Anji into this one, and edited it around and stuff (it’s not quite just slapping him onto a wallpaper :wink: ):

I thought it kind of fit well with the move and looked nice, but I’m not sure. I’m a bit of a minimalist lately, so I decided to make some other stuff, and just you know, mess around, whatever. I could mess with it more, it’s just a start, like all of these.


Later, I found this picture:

at fightersgeneration, so sadly I’m sure it’s stolen/ebaums’d, but I really liked it, and decided to try using it.

So I was like “Hmm…” because I didn’t just want white and the Anji pictures, I at least wanted background color/button color scheme, or something… Then I decided to try to expand the border colors… ('tis why I changed the little Anji to blue.

It started looking good and I was liking where it was going, and then the colors got near each other and I was like “Oh. Hmm. :confused:” because I feel like I should do something with the borders, you know? :wonder:

Then I kinda tried just smudging and shit, but eh:

Anyway, I’m going to end this post here, but I will most likely edit it before anyone reads it as I begin to work on another idea. So… anybody got any ideas on what to do when the colors meet? Some kind of border, I’m not sure. I kind of wanted to make it like the colors were battling each other for domination over their corners, you know? Hmm. Let me know if you guys have any ideas. Thanks.


Hahahah, how cool is this? Mario 2 level!

that anji pic looks good, you should try cutting it out better, that way you can use any bg

Yeah, I could easily do that, just don’t know what I’d do with the background… I’ll play with that idea, though. Duh, didn’t think of it. ~_~ Kept the borders 'cause I liked 'em, though.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention I was thinking of having the buttons in each of those four colors if I use that one, and have each color envelop the area of the button with it’s color, you know? It looked better in my head. :lol:
Heheh, apples are god tier. Green buttons and all would be cool. Hahah, kinda just messin’ around… Looks neat, but I think I’d rather have video game somethin’ or other.

actually here is the link to the pic, i hope its ok

and here is the red one:

np dude

lol, awesome, thanks. Saves me a little bit of work. :slight_smile:

np dude, i hope it comes out ok, good luck

Man, I fucking fail at backgrounds, especially at this size. I give up on trying to make one, I think I’ll stick with my first one and mess with that. Oh well, it’s fun to be a thieving imp, or something.

You don’t HAVE to make the entire background occupied by something. Stick art is best when its minimalistic, not when there’s 700 renders / portraits / sprites in the way. As is that SMB2 level is honestly the best of the bunch.

Well yeah, I know, I was trying for minimalistic stuff, but it all looked really bad. :lol: I don’t want totally boring just a plain color background or something. I changed around the first one and while it is really a busy picture, I like it, and I guess I’m gonna use it.