Making of the Marvel vs Capcom 3 GT Pop Block


I guess people really liked the MvC3 Pop-Block I made for, so here’s the cover art from the intro as well as a few shots of the key frame masking hell I had to go through.

Note: I wish I could post images. =(
Links will have to do for now.


Probably the hardest shot in the video, mainly because of the bats flapping their wings around the motion tracked frame, along with masking each of Morrigan’s fingers individually.


This is mostly a motion track shot, but there’s a few frames where his hand goes over the panel which had to be masked. Added some motion blur to match each frame’s look. Really split-second stuff so it was the first one I did for the popblock.


Same as with Iron Man, but the motion tracking was done by hand following some lessons learned from doing the Chris Redfield shot. There’s some masking blur when Wolverine leans his head back.


Each panel was taken from a shot in the trailer and then masked and composed in the style of a classic comic page. The MVC2 shots had to be timed to roll perfectly with the camera movement which took some trial and error.


The very last thing I did, literally minutes before delivering the final video. Took some high-res art sent to us by Capcom and the background was from the trailer itself. Capcom says the art is actually in-game models, which would be pretty cool, except these are rendered at 3500x5000 pixels, where as the game would run at 1280x720.

hey in that trailer you made (which is dope BTW), can you isolate the mvc3 ryu super with the TvC ryu super and just send me that 1-2 second of footage side by side?

That would be amazing, it looks so much like TVC, made me kinda worried.

that pop block trailer was awesome dude i just watched it! i thought it was morrigans super move on iron man, not a sexy kiss…but i guess other people see it differently! loved the mvc2 comparison footage. looking forward to this game even more now cmon capcom throw us a bone haha.

i rather liked the tvc comparison shot, the mvc3 one looks slicker and its just a preview build