Making out with mom. Minnesota Highschool prank goes too far

Video of it actually happening :


Did not go FAR ENOUGH.

Sick fucking parents.

Minnesota, where theatrics are more important than silly things like morals and ethics

needed more “feeling” imo.

Certainly nothing legally wrong, and I don’t really care to make the argument that it doesn’t belong in school, but what kind of fuckin parent agrees to something like this? I’d sooner make out with a dude than my mom.

I wonder if whoever got the idea for this stole it from that Japanese porno

There’s actually a Japanese show I saw that took this idea one step further.

This is QUALITY parenting.

What kind of person actually does this? No-one gives a fuck whether some stuck-up, whineyass bitch is “offended”.

When I’m president, I’m going to prescribe the death penalty for this kind of faggotry.

The Wall of Ass?

I laughed, it’s gross sure but c’mon it’s hilarious especially the part where the mom puts her son’s hand on her ass:rofl:

O_O I get you’re against what happened but damn. You know testing this would be something I would personally find amusing. If I ever met you in real life…

Hmmmmm, very intercesting…

Did a quick search on that, couldn’t find the video I saw. It was 4 dudes and their moms and they would win a vacation if the boys could identify their moms by feeling up on their boobs and ass. They even had dudes having sex with the unknown body parts until orgasm.

Japan, home of the same people who brought about La Blue Girl and Bible Black.

Seriously who frenches and gropes their kids?

The parents are idiots and sickos.

…you wouldn’t happen to have the link saved somewhere in your history would you?

Life imitates porn.

I’d expect this out of Arkansas , but not Minnesota. This is a sad event for the vastly superior Union state.

oh shit I though I was the only one who saw it, oh how small the internet is at times.


smh i know what they’re talking about:shake: