Making ranked mode better


Just a thought on making ranked mode actually playable. Have multipliers based on games won. Like points x games. So if you were to gain 2 points from winning a match and it was the 5th game in a row you’ve won you should get 2 * 5 = 10 points but your opponent will still only lose the 2 points. I think this or a similar idea could revive ranked mode because right now there is no reason for experienced players to play ranked mode.

I have 26XX points but I’m only winning like 1 - 5 points at a time because everyone is ranked 0 - 500 points, if I lose to anyone I lose 75-100 points so advancement is virtually impossible. Admittedly I lose like 1 out of 25 matches but still that 1 out of 25 is detrimental. I think this would also make playing online more fun and still put something on the line vs the rpg experience points style challenge mode offers.


How about do away with worthless grind-centric ranks/points/Achievements/Trophies/stats altogether and just make a game where if someone challenges you MUST accept their challenge, and proving your skill all came down to the in-game battle. You know, like the very concept that the game’s popularity is founded on.

A radical concept for Halo reared stats hoes of today to take in, I’m sure. :rolleyes:


Well I think we should all switch back to ranked mode. Championship mode was good, brought a lot of pros. But at this time, I see more cons than pros.


There should be a multiplier for win percentage as well.

Maybe something like:

10 pts for a win, 0 for a loss, multiplied by your win percentage. (possibly room for bonus points such as winning a round but losing the match, having a very close match, or perfecting etc…)

There would be tiers for total points.

If you select a quickstart game, It will start looking in your tier, then move to higher tiers to find a game, not lower ones.

So if your win ratio was like 60% and you won a match, you’d get 10 + 6 points for the match.

Now if the loser took one of the rounds, he may get 3-5 points. You perfected him one round? you get a bonus 5.

Something like this would make the game more enjoyable and more skill based.

(skill based in the sense of always playing someone better than you. The online point system is inherently flawed due to people abusing online tactics to get win points…)


That still sounds like RPG style points. Every one gets points no matter what, if you want that play championship mode. I definitely don’t think you should get points just because you win a round. Either you win the match or you don’t. But I do like the tier list where you need a certain amount of points to get into certain “rooms”.


Hopefully we will see changes with the release of SSF4


People still play ranked? I thought everyone had moved over to Championship?


Well when your waiting 10 minutes in between battles in g1 you start to wander off into the other options.