Making stick cases in the UK - What would you guys want?


I was looking into things to manufacture after I leave uni (engineering degree).

I was wondering if there was any demand for stick cases in the UK, and what they should be like.

Metal, wood or plexi, or a combination?

What button layout and size, and what stick and chip mountings?

Would you want lami-labeled art?

What price range would people be interested in, and would they want just cases or working sticks?

A tiny portable case or a heavy arcade style panel?

Please be honest, and say what you would like and what you’d pay for it. Are there any styles of case unavailable in the UK?


There’s already a few people who make custom shells in the UK, so you could look at some of their work as a guide line. Most famously there’s b15sdm and Br0ken Engli5h. is the largest fighting game community in the UK, so you could also try asking there. As for your other questions, they are just too general. There’s so many different button layouts to choose from as well as design that you’ll be hard pressed to stick to just one design. Vewlix is popular at the moment, though I personally prefer the 6 button Sega layout as found on Agetec sticks.


Any custom stick builder anywhere in the world will tell you that building sticks should be hobby first and foremost as there’s little to no profit in it. But if you’re looking to manufacture sticks, or at least make large batches at a time, your best bet is to develop some prototypes and show them off here or other similar sites… Asking what is the best style/layout/material wont get you too far around here because everyone has their own personal tastes (hence the word custom), so build something you think you would buy and go from there.

Good luck!