Making TE Joysticks Tighter/Taller

Been playing with other people’s sticks a lot recently, and I notice their sanwa sticks feel slightly higher from the base than both my Super and Round 1’s that I own for 360 and PS#. It feels more comfortable and accommodating to my large hands. I haven’t decided if it’s just my imagination, or the chairs I’ve been sitting in at these areas (my PS1 Real Arcade Pro also feels taller) - regardless, I’d like to know how I’d go about making these adjustments to my stick, if someone wouldn’t mind helping me out. sells a shaft extender.

FUUU did I just make this thread in the wrong forum?


Okay, seems like I’m good. Thanks for the info. It’s not anything difficult, is it?

you can also getan s-mounting plate. that would effect shaft height. also consider an extra spring in there. taller joystick heights feel loose because of the increased leverage.