Making the best of frame data

I have been playing SF4 since its vanilla launch last year and when I had bought it, I didn’t know I would be investing so much time, knowledge, and resources to this game. I eventually decided to give up maining FPS’s and other games and dedicate mainly to SF4. I even made the decision to get a TE fight stick eventually, and I haven’t looked back.

I’ve really enjoyed fighting games since I can remember, and now that I can afford to, I want to really pursue a new generation of fighting games and skill.

So, now that I’ve ranted about that, I merely say that I also bought the Prima guide for SF4with the frame data in the back indexed for use. However, I only have a basic understanding of frame data, but have no true idea of how to REALLY put that knowledge to use. Whether it’s playing theory fighter on paper, or trying to find the weakness in a character’s armor, I can’t understand the mechanics or mathematics to put this data to use.

Can someone illumine me to some of the more Advanced uses of frame data, or at least point me in the appropriate direction?

I’m also aware that frame data isn’t the almighty dictating factor of any Fighting game, but if I can use it to my advantage somehow, then I want to know.

here’s some things i use frame data for:

  1. punishable moves
  2. combos. links and cancels.
  3. frame traps.
  4. scenario

Same here! :smiley: Except for Frame Traps and scenarios

Thanks go out to TBirdSF4 for putting together all kinds of resources in that Beginners Basic Video Tutorial sticky thread. Ha… In there he put up links to these videos, which are OUTSTANDING:

Advanced/Pro Level

“How to read and Use Frame Data” by OneHandedTerror

Part 1: Read Frame Data 9:56

Part 2: Use Frame Data 8:49

The best players don’t really keep track of frame data. It doesn’t help you improve as much as sitting down for a couple hours to play the game. Just look for moves that have advantage on block because you can use them for block strings/tick throws.

Oh man, this is good. The second video link didn’t work but this first one helps a lot. Yeah!