Making the most of air-to-air Tatsu



Whenever I catch someone with an air-to-air rh tatsu, I’m not quite sure which option I should go with after. I usually just cl.fierce into demon flip for pressure, but the dive kick gets parried quite a bit in that situation.

I’ve tried jab reset, dash under, BnB… it works pretty well. But I’m sure there’s a better option for guaranteed damage. Just shoryu, or sa1? I’m sure I’ve seen some type of combo likee; air-to-air rh tatsu, ground rh tatsu, dash forward, mp srk? Something along those lines.



This is actually one of the kind of difficult things about playing Gouki. Air tatsu combos are character specific, but generally…

If you hit them two times in the air with your first tatsu, follow up with lk tatsu, then shoryu. MOV told me that you may need to use mk tatsu instead of lk tatsu if they aren’t juggled very high by your initial air tatsu, but its difficult connecting the shoryu after the mk tatsu.

If you hit them once in the air with your first tatsu, juggle on the ground with rh tatsu, and your followup after that depends how sick you are. you can sj rh tatsu, but its one of Gouki’s most difficult combos, and doesn’t work on everyone. easiest followup is just jump rh, but you can also dash in mp or fp shoryu against most characters. mp shoryu seems easier. if they are in the corner after you juggle with the rh tatsu on the ground, you dont even need to dash up for the mp shoryu to connect against most characters.

If you hit them three times in the air, I say just do fp shoryu.

Sometimes after the initial air tatsu, I might just do lp x rh tatsu on the ground so I can taunt before they get up, but thats a gamble.


akumas just to darn hard to play with


pherai, you are gdlk. That’s exactly the answer I was looking for, thanks a ton.


glad I could help. just make sure you spend some time in training mode with these combos so you know what works on who


Don’t worry, I’ve been in Training Mode daily. :slight_smile:

With the triple rh tatsu vs Dudley, I’m able to get the third air rh tatsu with a normal jump and not a super jump. Guessing on him and similarly-shaped chars, the super jump isn’t needed.


ah yeah I forgot about that. I can’t do it with any consistency against anybody so I don’t know much about that combo. If you find out any other characters you don’t need to super jump to get the last tatsu please post up!


Now that I did a bit more testing, it seems the normal jump ender only works in the corner - silly me for not thinking of that earlier.

For some reason, I was hitting it like 90% yesterday in the corner, but today all my enders are coming out as j.rh when I’m clearly hitting d,b. Ahh execution fails. :confused:

Edit: I would guess the normal jump’d last tatsu would work on; Dudley, Chun, Urien, Elena, Makoto, Q, maybe Alex or Hugo?


Nice work.


after 2 hits air to air tatsu, you can jump again and do another 3 hits from tatsu then fierce shoryu, or you can do lk tatsu to shoryu, or you can do a reset, or you can do a late hk tatsu -> 2 hits -> dash shoryuken/tatsu or jump instant tatsu, or kkz in the corner


Is there a trick to timing the 3rd tatsu of the triple tatsu combo? I can get the 2nd tatsu to hit quite consistently, but my air tatsu is always whiffing.


I think you have to do it fast as possible. I alway whiff the ladt one too looks lik im doin it too late. Also what chars does this work on?


Go practice juice kicks on ST (instant air tatsu’s). Good for getting tripple tatsu down abit better. Honestly though, you’re better off just doing dash up srk for the finisher. It’s MUCH easier.


I was trying Ryu first, getting no where. I hit it on Makoto ONCE lol. I’m pretty sure it works on everyone. Theres a couple of tutorials on YouTube that show who it works on and how to do it. I just cant get the last tats

Yeah I can do the dash SRK quite consistently, which is why I really want to get triple tatsu down, because I have a back up in the way of the SRK until I can do the Triple tats.