Making the move to PC, should I?


im about to sell my ps3 tomorrow, and was wondering if any PC players could chime in.

The things that frustrate me to no end on ps3 are lag, lag, lag lag lag lag… graphics to me also arent as good as the arcade cabinet of street fighter.

So how is the player base on PC? lots of good players? lots of competition?

How is the lag? Compared to ps3, if anyone has played on both?

I like that on ps3, no matter the time of day, even 5 in the morning i can find matches to play. Is PC less populated? ive heard it is.

And how do you find people to play against on PC? is it through steam? Windows Live?

Im also curious of the graphics, is the PC version much better?

How well will my computer be able to run it? my specs are :

Intel core 2 duo 2.4ghz e6600
4gb ddr2 ram
1tb harddrive
Ati 5770 graphics card
Windows 7 x64 ultimate

Last question, are there hackers on pc? Im not sure how you could even cheat in a fighting game, but im sure its possible no?


Let’s answer these in descending importance:

  1. Your system should be able to run it just fine. Don’t go too overboard on the settings, and you should be okay.

  2. It’s a bit of a mixed blessing on competition. There’s usually less, and skill levels may not be quite as high, but there’s MUCH less sodium among PC players.

  3. And again, mixed blessing time in that matchmaking runs on Games for Windows Live (think XBL, but for PC, minus the Gold requirement).


Tiberious hit it. Less people but more mature. The PC version in terms of the tech is the best if you have a good system to run it. Typical of the PC, better graphics, shorter loading times, good online, etc.


pc has less people, and far, far less skilled players. There are a few people on PC who are really good, but not enough to warrant sticking to it. the majority of people who play on pc are extremely bad, worse than typical xbox live mashers, and the connections are hit and miss, when its good its really good when its bad, oh boy… is it bad


I have console and PC and I like playing on both. The console has more players, but on PC there are a good number of skilled players, you’ll just have to take the effort to find and add them. I meet them personally and add them, and many came over from console because they like the way PC plays.

I find the online connection on PC to be fine, but people are going to have different experiences there. It’s more based on your internet setup than anything.


The definition of skilled seems to vary wildly between PC players and Xbox players.

People cheat, yes. Fairly uncommon though.
Connections are most certainly hit and miss.
You have to find what configuration works best for your PC. Even if it runs circles around it, the game has some very obvious input lag without not so obvious tweaks.
There are very few skilled players still playing PC. You can try to find them on your own; but don’t expect to see them without adding their GT.
There are virtually no mid-west players, so don’t bother if you live there (the US, that is…international players are more common.)
This “maturity difference” doesn’t exist. Only less salt because there is less people.


There is this weird time period where solid players play, but everyone else mostly hit it. I do prefer pc though.

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Considering that the connection on any fighting game is directly between the two systems involved, I seriously doubt that moving from PS3 to PC using the same internect connection will make a noticeable difference.

Maybe if you’re using PC connected through cable to the router and the PS3 is using WiFi, but even then the difference is really small (some lost packages, a few ms of ping time)


I agree that there are more players on consoles and you’ll find good ones on both, but the people I add play good on both console and PC and win the majority.

Connections vary on internet more than anything. But I find the PC to play perfectly compared to console in terms of lag. Once I got some really nice cables though the console version actually plays really well.

But yea, I agree, meet them and add them. The definition of “skilled” varies from person to person anyways, so it gets subjective.

PC players are definitely less hassle. Percentage wise and number wise, but again that’s because PC players tend to be older due to costs and difficulty of use compared to console. This isn’t just evident on SF, it’s on all manners of other games too. You’re going to have more teenagers and children on XBox, PS3, and Wii compared to PC, no doubt about it. Just the nature of the beast.

Also I wouldn’t get rid of console unless you just really needed too. I keep both and play on both, they both have their advantages and disadvantages.


anyone who has tried playing the same game on both consoles knows this isn’t the case

you can play the same dude in the same game at the same time of day under the same conditions. 360 online is always better. I don’t know why PS3 online seems to be so awful but it is.


-graphics on pc is far better.

-connection would be same.

-pc community is lesser than psn by number, but have great players.

-pc community is more mature.

check out this thread.


I know the connection may seem different because of a lot of factors: every PS3 has WiFi built in, so there’s more people using it to connect, PSN is free, so more people with low speed connections, maybe bad configurations for connection on PS3, router, etc

But I don’t see how your last phrase makes any sense, really. Did anyone really tested that? Two guys with 2 consoles, using the same connection and configuration, at the same time of day? Was it a “blind test”, so there were no bias for one console over another? Or isn’t that just another myth or debunked “fact” like the input lag on 3SOE?


I think it’s about the input lag on the ps3.


Just the tought that I might be facing someone playing on a keyboard makes me cringe :smiley:


When I got better cables the PS3 version played just fine for me. Even 1f links with characters who use them a lot (Evil Ryu) and strict input characters like Viper played fine. When I didn’t have proper cables it was a world of difference, looked worse and had input lag by like a frame or two.


To answer the OP: no, you should not!


damn, you guys are really making me reconsider. I know the input lag on ps3 is moreso than xbox, but i was hoping maybe by playing pc version with my fightstick i could get the best possible input lag. I have not tried getting my fightstick to work through my pc, but im sure its a simple matter of plug n play?

I think honestly, psn does have problems online. I don’t know if its just my unit or its psn’s problem but i do really think ps3 online is utter trash. Even if i have full green bars playing against someone and it does seem lag free, constantly there are times where the game just stuttters…moreso than not it happens when im in the middle of a combo. I main akuma and its so frustrating dropping my bnb’s due to some retarded stutter.

Ive tried everything to fix it, ive upgraded my internet to 50 mbps down / 10mbps up, had a new cable modem installed, had a new router installed, put new cat 6 cables in etc etc etc, still same shit. Ive even gone as far as formatting my ps3 and that didnt help at all. A huge indicator for me was when I use ps3’s built in speed test, for my 50 mbps connection, it would pull like 3 mbps down / 2 mbps up when my computer right next to it was pulling 49mbps down / 10 mbps up. I know it says “test are not a real indication of real performance” but it just feels like my ps3 is not taking full advantage of my network.

I also downloaded a street fighter 4 benchmark, which is a few years old but i figure its the same exact thing since the game engine has not changed. My computer scored A rank at max settings. It was at a constant 70+ fps, so i dont think i will have a problem there.

I think i still am going to sell it due to just needing the extra cash at the moment, but i also wanted to sell it before ps4 came out. Thanks for the replies


If it’s a TE it should work but if it’s not then yeah it could be a problem.

Game will sometimes lag if you don’t get consistent 120fps in the benchmark but generally you should not have issues running it.


Yep its a TE stick round 2 i think? not sure, i bought it when vanilla arcade edition came out , but it was 150$ usd


I have te round 2 as well (ps3) it works on pc like a charm just plug and play.