Making The plunge

Hello, So I pulled a pretty expensive Magic: the Gathering card (Tarmogoyf if you have to know) and I sold it for around $95 US. I want to put that money towards an arcade stick.
I have a two major questions here:

  1. What Can I get for said $95? Particularly in a Japanese style. I am willing to to throw an extra $30.
  2. Which Console should I get it for?
    A.I play Fighters on Playstation, But most of my friends play them on Xbox. I have an Xbox but It’s no games/live.
    B.If I do decide to dual mod. Is one easier to do than the other. (I.E Dual Modding a PS3 stick is easier than Xbox or Visa Versa
    I apologize ahead of time for being a pain in the rear.

Nice pull! Wow, that must be a hella good card if it sells for $95.00. Anyways…

  1. I’d recommend you put in an extra $35.00. With that combined $130.00, you can buy yourself a very nice Mad Catz Tournament Edition stick. I’d recommend getting yourself a Mad Catz FightStick PRO model or the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Tournament Edition S+. You can find a listing of their sticks here:

2A) Which console you buy it for is honestly entirely up to you.

2B) If you DO decide to do a dual-mod, it’s much easier to start with an Xbox 360 stick and add PS3 functionality than the other way around. The easiest way to do this is via Phreakmods’ Cerberus PCB which you can find here:

The Cerberus PCB allows you to do the mod yourself with absolute minimal tools. I’d recommend you go that route.

If you’d like further information, I suggest hitting up the stickies, but hopefully this should be good enough to get you started. :smiley:

Tarmogoyf, lucky bastard you. it took me years to start to get a single good pull from booster packs.
I got with Ikagi-chan’s advice, bump it up to $35 so you have a total of $130 and get one of the sticks on sale right now from the gameshark store.

And yes, starting with a Xbox 360 stick is easier to dual-mod. Mainly being that alot of these Dual-mod PCBs support PS3 and not Xbox 360 on its own, and needs a common ground Xbox 360 PCB.
By having a Xbox 360 arcade stick, you have a working Xbox 360 PCB.

And what Ikagi-chan and any other regular here will tell you, hit up the stickies, hell read and use google search; always do your homework when it comes to sticks.

Cerberus is the most pain free way of dual-modding if you are new, the Chimp is a good alternative if you do not mind minimum soldering. PS350+ is for a full PCB replacements of both boards as one package.

FYI, the TTT2 stick is $100, and the SCV is $80 during this weekend’s EVO sale (both TE-S based sticks) in the Mad Catz store, so it would be a great time to get a greta stick and save a little cash… Keep in mind that the button layouts differ between sticks, but you can always rewire the SCV stick to the standard layout. Use code “EVO60” for the TTT2 stick, “EVO20” for the SCV stick. :slight_smile:

Hmm, Alright, I went with the Tekken tag S+ stick for the 360…Even though I will never probably never use it for a tekken game. But that’s not important! Thanks!