Making the transition in MvC3

Hello all I have a few questions in regards to MvC3. I’ve been playing since the day it came out and just and I just recently started using a nightstick (since around late February). I’ve noticed some progress in my skills (can do basic combos, some zoning tactics etc.) I still find myself losing to advanced players and I seriously wanna get much better at the game. However I go to school in West Virginia and there isn’t much of a fighting game scene around the campus surprisingly. Are there any tips for making the jump from an average player to a good player? Should I continue to play online? I would be willing to play/spar with anyone here online. My psn account is crich18 and would be willing to accept any and all players and challenges. Oh btw my team is Dante, Deadpool and Iron Man I really wanna replace Iron Man with someone like Tron too

If you want to stick with the online route, you can find matchmaking threads for PSN here…

Even though there may not be a scene in your neighborhood…check Atlantic North subforum anyway.
You may find some people/gatherings close to you. Check them out.

Look at some vids, practice longer combos, keep playing online (despite what everyone says, even though the netcode is still shit) Start up your own scene. You can look in the Regional matchmaking section for more help.

Well see as you just started using a “NightStick” please don’t beat yourself up about it lol (j/k couldn’t resist…)

I am pretty much in the same boat as you are I want to get much better at the game, it seems like it is impossible because the netcode is to bad to play online and actually use most combos that require timing to sat. . . catch someone as their character drop to a specific point to continue a combo. All I am doing right now is practicing my combos until I grind them into muscle memory … aside from that I only have 2 people that I play on a semi normal basis and they aren’t the type to practice to get better … they just play and I lose cause I always focus on trying setups to get my combos off. Hopefully UMvC3 fixes the netcode to be able to do strict timing combos online then it might be better to use to train.

I’ll add you and maybe we can a some games and I’ll give you some pointers. I just have to warn you though I’m a lot better in person than I am online. I don’t really play online that much, because I have a horrible internet connection & I’ve found that generally the person with the better internet connection wins online or that’s been my experience at least. I’ll probably try out my new Ryu/Doom/Hulk team I’ve been working on!

cool man I really appreciate that yeah I’ll be on this week I look forward to playing against you online despite the connection haha

It took me a second to get that Night stick joke but good one haha, yeah I’ll just keep practicing combos and the timing of them and hopefully Umvc3 does fix all of the issues that plague mvc3

I’ll be on tomorrow


Another Tip that I just discovered (that I started doing): If a combo that you have seems viable but the timing is to strict look to change it around to see if you can make it more consistant.

The beginning of one of my corner combos with Taskmaster was ‘Any ground chain’ into Swing > air M > air H .> Shield Charge > S…

It was killing me to time the shield charge to land and the Launcher to land in the right spot when the Shield Charge DID actually hit. I use to use Iron Man Unibeam assist at the end but then I discovered I could call an assist while I was pressing an atk button at the same time (go ahead flame me, I never knew this lol) so I call Iron man during the swing then air.L to hold him up till the beam hits then Land, Shield Charge > S… etc

Sounds like a lot more but it is WAY more consistent… more consistent is always better than going for the move that would possibly do more damage but 80% of the time you drop it.

Also when you are doing the combos I would start with corner combos, I always end up staying in the corner and creating a corner combo and then seeing how much of it works mid screen and changing things so that it does work … also you can learn corner combos FASTER cause you can do reps of it REALLY fast cause they can’t be pushed back any further just keep doing the combos till your fingers know it then you can just worry about the timing and not thinking about what to push next.

I’m in the same boat as you cricha; I’ve had the game since release and never really played much except against friends, however, I’ve been playing again for about a week trying to get better.

I’m also on PSN so if you are still looking for people to play with add me: capi0223

When I get a chance I will add you too… look for JaeSpK I think my list is full so i am gonna have to delete someone…

Honestly, the best thing you could do is either make a scene (since you don’t have one) or to play online. There’s a matchmaking thread for PSN users. If you find the right people, I’m sure they’ll point you in the right direction of what you’re doing wrong.

MvC (not just marvel 3) itself is a rather big learning curve. Even if you’ve been playing it since release, you can still be playing very poorly. There’s far too many dimensions of the game that is still being learned today. You’ll need to do some hardcore training with real players to get really good. Even though this game is “mash friendly”, lag is still rather annoying and it only takes 1 hit confirm to lose 80% of your health.

I live in WV. What part of it are you in?

I’m currently in morgantown WV I go to school at WVU

Too far for me, and I play on XBL. No community here either. Oh well.