Making the transition to a fight stick

I’ve been playing fighting games for years now with a controller and I’ve always managed to hold my own with one. Something has always drawn me to fight sticks and when I pre-ordered SFxT I also pre-ordered the SFxT fight stick. I’ve never used a fight stick outside of the arcade so I have no idea how this is going to go. Just wanted to reach out to the community and see if any of you guys made the transition successfully and if so how much of a learning curve there was.

Share your story and also a few tips if ya like.

I remember when I first got my TE two years ago. I absolutely hated it. I thought at first I was never going to get good at it. Until…
I avoided playing fighting games. DO WHAT? Yeah. I avoided fighting games. Instead I played the Sega Genesis collection with it. It allowed me to break the stick in, and become familiar with the joystick and its buttons. Besides it being really fun to play Shinobi 3 with it, I learned a lot about the stick.
So take a break from fighting games. Play something that isn’t so intensive, and just focus on getting used to it.

By the way. You should get this stick I recently saw. Looks like the ultimate set up.

Theres two ways to go about getting used to a stick coming from pad.

What I did was play a 3d fighter and a 2d fighter each for an hour a day every other day until I really knew what I was doing, this really helps because 3d games require you to be precise in your lateral movements, the new soul caliber is particularly good because of the sidestep dashes, practicing those will get you to be exact with your directional inputs. 2d games are going to get you good at your motions, any of the kof games will do well because they have pretty complicated motions to them.

The other method that would help is to just play whatever game you intend on playing in training mode with inputs on and really learn what the tendencies of the stick are.

Either way works, good luck sir.

Listen to this man holy shit. It’s amazing how many people think arcade sticks were designed solely around fighting games. Play some goddamn Metal Slug or The Simpsons. Don’t get antsy if you can’t get used to a stick for fighting games on day 5.

I would agree with your story; however, I didn’t hate my round 2 stick, I was more afraid that it would take me several years to get used to it. I enjoyed playing Metal Slug 3 and TMNT 1983. BUT… it only took me about a month to feel greatly comfortable with it. Now I don’t like using any other controller for fighting games besides a fight stick.

Anyone who buys a fightstick, it is not unusual to not enjoy it at the first try. Get used to it and you’ll love it to the point where you want to customize, art, buttons, joystick (Spring, LEDS), and more :smiley: :D.

It will be a while before you are as good on stick as you were on pad. Go all in and don’t go back! Just play and practice.

i remember when i first played on a stick it was 1991 and i was 9…man that transition to a pad was a bitch during the snes era…then the agetec, the most godlike stick ever made and my introduction to a japanese type stick, and i never looked back since.