Making Words out of decal shapes

Might be a series i make but for now, i do for fun

That BGM is awesome, but the guys voice is annoying as fuck. Cant understand a word he says, better he speak in his native language and just sub the video ffs.

-.- that guy’s voice is me, I don’t talk much in my videos and thought at-least I’d give an explanation on why i was doing this video. It was a request that was long over due.

Then I apologise for the slight, your voice has a bass that makes Steve Harris cry in jealousy man. Btw that decal editor looks extremely similar to the one used in Armored Core V, and some of the Japanese guys have put up videos that enable you to create beautiful anime pics and the like from the simple tools available. You may find them interesting for an inspiration for your work. :]

no harm done, I do have ideas that im working on including another tut on how to do more Dirty words