Making X arcade into PS2 joystick

hi everyone , new here!

Well ive been looking for aaaages on how to “convert” my X arcade into ps2 joystick.

I believe the cables in my x arcade are already set to do the soldering into a psx/ps2 pad - my issue is that ive got 3 spare cables that I dont know where to sold or what to do with them. could someone please help me. according to some of the faqs that I read in the net they said that I omly need 1 ground to be able to connect the controller.

pic here :

ps2 pad open :

x arcade : cables red blue and brown are the spare one cos i think they are the grounds where shall i put them?


The red, blue, and brown cable are grounds. They are daisy chained so that is pretty much the only thing they could be. If the pad you are using has a common ground, then solder the main spare cables to a ground point of the PCB, then use the existing daisy chain for all your switches.

I’ve modded many X-Arcades with Happ parts and PS PCBs. You will be very happy when you’re done.

wow that was quick! youre a genious! thanks!

when you said “… solder the main spare cables to a ground point of the PCB…” you mean the 3 in one? or only one of them? , then “…then use the existing daisy chain for all your switches…” Im kinda new in this bussiness would you mind elaborating abit more on that cos I dont underdtand shall I use one of the 3 cables for daisy chained ?

really appreciate your answer.

To make things easier for you solder the entire daisy chain. When I say “the main one” I basically mean the longest part of the daisy chain, keeping the chain intact. So have the main one soldered to the PCB, then attach to a switch, then the other 2 to 2 other switches. Do this with the other chains as well. Hope that helps. Feel free to ask more questions.

you are truly kind.

so I should solder the 14 cables to each bit of the PCB ( right, left, up, down, start, select, square, circle, X, triangle, L1, L2, R1, R2 ) - then the red one into the PCB ( cos is the last one? )then the blue one into another switch as the brown one too? could you please following this picture onto which switch shall I solder the 2 last cables


Solder the daisy chained ones onto the PCB ground. The red one only has enough connection for some of the microswitches, not all of them. So you need the blue and brown wires for the rest of the microswitches. I would just follow how X-Arcade has them right now. Use the brown ground wires for the directions and the red and blue for the buttons.

Cheers! thanks the advice! I will post my result in a couple of days to see if I was successful! thanks for sparing some time replying to my post ! great community!

Ill keep you up to date.


just wondering why you dont just buy the xarcade ps2 adaptor? Do they suck or do you just want to do a mod?

X-Arcade PCBs lag with adapters. Heck, they even lag without adapters.

I got a ps2 adapter for my x arcade but the thing is : ( ill explain the drama lol )

my x arcade died a couple of weeks ago the PBC for it went burn out im not quite sure really the thing is that is black and not green anymore. SO waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before this happens I wanted to use my Street Fighter 15th anniversary stick on my PC cos the joystick is great much better than the x arcade one so I got this from the net THINKING that it will work fine cos is a PS2 to PC converter ANYHOW I got it tried it and for my surprise IT DIDNT work AT ALL so I couldnt understand why and I still cannot understand why is not working at all… the pc knows that the adapter is there but doesnt recognice the joystick. the adapter works like wonders with ANY ps2/psx pad so I decided to modd my x arcade into a complete PS2 stick.

my new problem is that Ive done everything that you lot explained to me but nothing at all… I ruined 2 psx controllers ( only 2 dollars each so not much pain there lol ) and now I got in stress cos the only thing that is left for me to do is a complete new daisy chain for all the bottons in the stick THEN solder the the other bits … so basicaly im doing everything again from scratch.

I really apprecite all your answer and even bothering looking at my post I think this community does help alot after reading most of the threads in here. :slight_smile:

now that Ive got no x arcade may I ask if anyone knows how to make the Street Fighter 15 anniversary stick on PC? and what is the hole underneath the joystick looks like for some other kind of connection.


I think the extra connection is for an XBox headset for Live. If this is your frist time hacking a PCB you will inevitably ruin some PCBs. I ruined my first 3 or 4, which were PSOne DSs :sad: Worst case scenario you can always buy a prehacked PCB from the Trading Outlet then all you have to do is plug on the QDs.

PCBs that are universal, such as the SFAC stick, tend to not work well with adapters. Some of them, such as the Pelican Real Arcade, will work on PC if you use the XBox connection, meanining XBox->USB. SFAC may be the same, but even in the Controller Adapter/Converter thread no one has ever confirmed this.

Also with the SFAC people say some of the PCBs are better than others. Some people say their PS->USB adapters work. and some don’t. I guess you got one of the crappier PCBs unfortunately.

which one will you suggest for PCBS that are universals? if you dont mind me asking.

Look in the pad hacking thread.

lol back again

I have the same joystick

I will explain what’s the situation for me. If any one knows the solution do help.

So,I purchased the street fighter 15 th Anniversary joystick as I thought it will be a great fighting controller using it for tekken 7.
I purchased PS2 to pc converter, and got info from youtube how to remap the controller through 360ce.

This what I experienced
When I started the game on the menu only problem was I couldn’t move anything on the menu but select the option Pressing X, and the other thing was I couldn’t select the character as the controller direction doesn’t work on the menus or on character. So I selected the player and menu using my PS4 controller and later when I was in the game. Everything is working fine with the street fighter remote. Strange…
Please if anyone knows what may be the problem let me know? It will be great help.