Maki's A-Groove?



Well basically I was wondering if anyone knew how to land 30xFK’s in her custom, without being knocked too far out of range to repeat it after about 12 fast hits. (timing)

I remeber this custom being on namonaki a while back 30xFK
c.FK, jab, 360 super. (i think:confused: )

i usually use a different custom but if im playing against sagat i can do the more damaging boot leg custom especially since the whole world likes to play with him :rolleyes: .

Anyway any help will be much apprieciated…:slight_smile:


I don’t think it was 30 FKs. I’m pretty sure it was 16 or 20. And I don’t think its just mad smashing…i think you time it a little slower then frantic mashing and everything works out (also why its 16 hits and not 30). Might have to be spaced correctly on startup, too.

I don’t remember the damage on the CC, but it seemed pretty crappy compared to a straight up level 3. And while someone in japan may have a “batshit crazy” A-Maki, seems like you’re really losing more than you gain in A-groove as opposed to K or C.


I stopped attempting to combo it… the bloody thing hits high, and I dont know how to knock peeps intoo a standing position


well it took about 8000+ and it does take more than my 7500 so if sagat decided to whiff a DP than i would like to get the most damage that i can off of the CC…