Maki's crossup game

Heh, the big thread was starting to get a little too big and too general, so let’s start to focus on specific aspects of Maki’s game. In this case, we’ll share crossup strategies.

Her jumping forward kick is obviously the crossup attack of choice. It’s one of the best in the game, too boot. It’s easy to set up out of her punch throw (step back a few pixels and super jump, or walk forward and regular jump), and since her punch throw has that little extra reach (60 pixels), you can throw more easily, which makes for more cross-up setups.

The really, really evil thing about Maki’s crossups, though, is the fact that her air +MP command move changes her trajectory from crossup depth to not-crossup depth, meaning you can surprise someone who is anticipating crossups by uncrossing them. Whether you hit with the MK going over or the +MP coming down in front, you can (usually) land the combo of your choice.

There are a lot of things I like to do after the crossup hit (or the uncrossup +MP), whether it connects or not:

If crossup MK hits…
…c.MP +P
…cl.MK +K–>MK
…LP MP HP HK - Bushin Chain Knockback
…LP MP HP +HP - Bushin Chain Throw (into another crossup, see below)
…c.LP c.LP c.LK, +K–>HK - Overhead to catch opponent off-guard
…c.MP XX +P - If Level 1/2 Super
…c.MP XX +K - If Level 3 Super

If crossup MK is blocked…
…c.LK, +K–>HK - Unexpected overhead
…quick duck to punch throw, repeat crossup
…LK XX 720+P - If in range

Besides the jump-in crossups, Maki has two more useful ones that she has that many don’t know that are coming.

After the Bushin Chain Throw (LP MP HP +HP), taking a step back and then rolling will produce a very unexpected roll crossup. A lot of people will be surprised that they were thrown at the end of a hit combo, so one of the last things they’ll be thinking about is a crossup, which is what a roll afterwards does. Mix this up with slightly longer backsteps for a fake.

In a knockdown in the corner, doing a MK off-the-wall kick is an instant crossup on wakeup, making it extremely hard to block. (They would need to block away from the center of the screen.) If they are not quite in the corner, then the MK and HK version will hit on different sides, making for a guessing game on which side to block. If they are even further away from the corner, a properly timed and distanced off-the-wall throw works too. You can also do a straight wall jump and go in for another crossup attempt.

Maki’s awesome crossup game, combined with her Hayagake high/low mixups, make for one confusing fight if everything is done in the right way.

This is my take on her crossups and crossup mixups, so how does everyone else use her to crossup? Discuss!

Well, I do the crossup after punch throw a lot. But I think it’s wrong to treat it as some guaranteed way to keep the pressure going, since both tactical recovery and safe-fall can totally fuck you over.

Also, she can corpse hop (in dash grooves) after sweeps, 2P knockdown in corner, and the cmd throw at the end of her chain. Those are the only somewhat guaranteed crossups I can think of.

You can space an ambiguous crossup after any-lvl kick super. Those are guaranteed and pretty meaty, but since the super moves forward so much, you’ll end up in the corner or near it most of the time.

I have not tried finding any crossups invlolving roll yet, but besides the one you mentioned she must have many more.

Her jump is fucked-up far, long and high. Making it hard to space a crossup without some setup even in training, let alone a moving target. But that could be a plus since some scenarios will make it hard to guess which way to block.

I like crossups, I just don’t think hers are that exceptional.

EDIT: I think it’s also good to mention the fact that Sagat, Raiden and Chang just die to her crossup. Gief can still fight you off with the lariat.

her cross up is one of the best in the game. if she gets you in the corner, you can play mind games all day with her wall kicks and empty jump into low attacks. truth be told, the threat of what her crossup can lead to is what makes her lethal. you can also use low jump mk after a knockdown for a crazy ambiguous crossup.

After kick throw you can holf forward, wait till you see her budge then immediately hold up-forward to jump, the crossup will be pretty damn meaty. IIRC some thinner characters won’t get caught, you’ll have to either budge backwards or not move at all and THEN jump.

I like holding forward, cus it gives you a visual cue, and it’s a shorter motion to go to up-forward from forward than from backwards. Same story for lvl1 punch super, however I doubt you’ll ever use that one. Unless… you’re crazy like me.

ppl safe-falling after punch throw? will still cross them up, except if they’re a fast character whose safe-fall is really short.