Makoto AE 2012: the nerfage

Makoto changes for AE 2012

• From 1000 to 950 health (back to Super value)
• Fukiage damage for LP, MP, HP from 100 to 90, EX from 140 to 120
• EX Karakusa has less ranage
• st.HK has a lower extended hitbox
• Target Combo 1′s st.MK can be cancelled, like the normal version
• Tanden Renki (Super Combo) is 3 seconds londer
• neutral j.MP has a forward extended hitbox, hurtbox
• Hayate have improved properties on charge
• LP Lv3, Lv4 and MP Lv4 have further forward movement, all Lv4 strengths are -2 on guard
• All Lv5 strengths are armor break, further forward movement, from 170 to 190 damage
• Can tell when you reach Lv5 charge timing by Makoto’s voice

My thoughts about her nerfs:
I can live with the health nerf since we basicly just go back to AE on that, but Im really disappointed with the Fukiage nerf. Unlike most anti-airs its not usable as a reversal and it doesnt have any invincibility on it and now it does even less damage. Although it has a great hitbox I find this change unnecessary. Also the EX karakusa range nerf makes me want to rage, since its range is pathetic as it is. A character with a decent walk speed can walk outside of its range from it from almost point-blank! The st HK nerfs is probably to prevent people using that as a anti-air instead of her Fierce fukiage. Anywayz, its better than having your overhead property removed on a crucial safe jump move (right Gouki?)

My thoughts about her buffs:
-Who the F uses super?
-The only time I use a lvl 4 or lvl 5 charged hayate is when the opponent is stunned and know that he’s not mashing like crazy, wich is probably the case in 1 percent of all matches.

Overall Im pretty sad about her nerfs, but she has received so much buffs from super to AE that I knew that she was going to be nerfed. She’s pretty much the same but EX karakusa will be somewhat harder to land. Not complaining, just a little sad, but at least we didnt get +2 recovery on our forward throw (right Gouki?).

10 dmg nerf on fukiage.
That’s 20dmg as AA (fukiage*2 -> EX tsurugi).

In the corner combo, that’s maximum 8dmg nerf (cause of damage reduce after XXX -> EX hayate -> LP fuki).
That’s really nothing…

EX karakusa nerf makes it not as bad as super. In super, EX karakusa had less range than LK karakusa.

The stHK is not a nerf, but a BUFF. It will hit low attack like ryu crHK.
They improved the hitbox, making it hit lower.

Make some calculation, and think a bit, before crying “OMG, THEY NERFED ME”. Like feilong players did…

EX Grab having less range… I don´t like it, but it will all come down to how much range exactly got taken away from her. If it´s back to Super range then it´s RAGING TIME!
The dmg nerf on fuki is meh. I don´t really care…
The health nerf however was uncalled for. Now we´re back to all female characters having <1000 hp again. Although makoto with her slow walkspeed needs it against ultra turtlers like guile´s. I already fear being chipped to death when it all comes down to my missing 50 hps…

I didnt. I even said that my main concern is the EX karkusa range not the st RH (although you were right about that). There was no reason for them to nerf her anti-air since its only usable as anti-air and combo extender. Why nerf it?

I guess instead of going 2x Fuki + EX hayate as antiair, ill go with 1x Fuki + 1x Mk Tsurugi + Ex Hayate. That way i can compensate for 10 damage by avoiding the nerfed fuki. Or am i seeing things wrong here?

For AE’12
Fuki X2 > EX Tsurugi = 90 + 90 + 128 = 308 (328 in AE)
Fuki > Tsurugi > EX Hayate 90 + 100 + 96 = 286 (296 in AE)
Fuki X2 > EX Hayate = 90 + 90 + 96 = 276 (296 in AE)
It is, and will remain better to do Fuki fuki 'rugi (sounds like some kind of dance).
And not just because of damage, Fuki fuki 'rugi is less likely to screw up like Fuki 'rugi hayate.

[*]The health nerf was not needed. But I can live with it. We have done it before. I just find it funny that Capcom find it hard to make up their minds. “1000 or 950!? Shit guys, which one should we go with!!? Lets decide by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

[*]Fukiage nerf I was slightly annoyed at but as V-ryu has deciphered, its not too bad.

[*]EX Karakusa having less range is laughable. Whats the point in even making it EX’able if the properties arent 100% better than the standard version? Super Armor is nice, but it worthless if it misses inbetween an opponents block string or if someone can just casually walk back and it whiffs.

[*]Lower reaching hit box for s.HK. So it can’t be used as an anti air as well? fair enough. i’ll stick to or not so bad. I hope it doesnt mess with any of my meaty set ups though.

As for the buffs, I am just very confused. Are they trying to troll us? Why would you buff Hayate charges? Do they have ANY data that anyone used those? Did they attend EVO and witness many Makoto players just standing there, charging a Hayate to lvl5?
The fact that she didnt even need any buffs in the first place is one thing, so instead, they gave us buffs that are pretty much worthless…
In light of the nerfs shes recieved, its like Capcom is trying to feed us Cake after beating us over the head with the Haggars Pipe to try and make us feel a bit better.

Oh well, its not going to mess with my Makoto game too much to be honest. She’s still a great character in my opinion.

Health & EX Karakusa nerfs = not needed.

To be clear about stHK, the HITbox goes lower.
That means her kick will hit ryu crouch MK.

Hitbox <> hurtbox

Hurtbox is where makoto can be hit by opponent

Somehow it´s easier for me to screw up 2x fuki > Ex Tsurugi. Many times ex tsurugi hits only once (WTF?) or whiffs completely. Is there a secret to it? With fuki > tsurugi>hayate however i have far more consistent results…

Doesn’t sound too bad.

Health nerf and EX Karakusa range nerf are dumb, but st.rh buff sounds cool. Fuki damage nerf doesn’t hurt her much. Super buff could be cool to do a little more after st.fierce xx hayate xx super link U1. Target combo being cancellable don’t really do much, but could be nice if…you miss a dive kick AA but hit your opponent on the ground? Then you could do TC1 xx Hayate, I guess. Hayate charge buffs are useless. nj.strong buff probably won’t do much when you’re using nj.fierce and nj.rh.

She still has the rest of her good stuff from Super, so she’s still a high tier character.

Fuck capcom. Not because of the nerfs. But because of 0 significant buffs to make up for it. Oh AND because of the nerfs lol.

You are canceling the Tsurugi to slowly. You need to speed it up.

i guess capcom wants me to do more standing kicks with makoto, and lose as much as i did in super =(

and seriously lol @ the charged hayate shit…

I don’t even play her, but the changes are still silly in my eyes. She was pretty much fine in AE. I guess it’s just to balance her with the rest of the cast’s nerfs in AE2012?

Even though Fuki 2x - EX Tsurgi is better, I prefer Fuki 2x - EX Hayate for one really stupid and shallow reason:

Dat shit makes her look like a ninja lol. Seriously, it is my favorite combo to see performed even though it is so simple, because she bounces the opponent all over the stage like she is doing some crazy ninja stuff, you can almost carry an opponent from one side of the stage to the other doing it thanks to the knockback on hayate.

That would make sense if the rest of the cast got nerfs, but 95% got buffs which when you buff them it is an indirect nerf to her since she becomes less effective against them. Viper got a tiny nerf, Fei/Yun/Yang got nerfed fairly solidly(e.g. HARD.) and Akuma lost something he can get back with some time in the lab (and a small nerf to his guessing games.) Only 5 out of 38 other characters really received a nerf. IMO Makoto didn’t need it and if she did it was only to the damage output on a few moves not her health or any utilities, because as I said earlier, buffing other characters indirectly nerfs her.)

Overall she didn’t lose much but everyone else gained is the issue. She’ll still be better than she was in Super for sure.

My problem is that Ive read all of the other character changes so far and it seems like (where they printed the exact % changes at least) everyone else got all buffs. I was thinking that capcoms plan was to nerf the twins and buff everyone else to balance, but then I got to her. The ex kara is the only thing Im really worried about because I use crouch lk into ex kara all day long. Really though, I may be wrong but what nerfs has anyone else received, or has anyone received 3 of them like us?

• Can tell when you reach Lv5 charge timing by Makoto’s voice

Interesting, interesting.

I’m a bit disappointed in the nerfs but like others said, it’s manageable. I was really hoping for some throw invincibility, more invinicibility or less startup on EX Oroshi but hey, Level 5 Hayate…

The st HK nerfs is probably to prevent people using that as a anti-air instead of her Fierce fukiage. Anywayz, its better than having your overhead property removed on a crucial safe jump move (right Gouki?)

. Not complaining, just a little sad, but at least we didnt get +2 recovery on our forward throw (right Gouki?).

Just kick an Akuma player while he is down…Lol

Yun/Yang/Fei all received fairly strong nerfs with Fei’s being the lightest.
Akuma lost a couple safe jump setups and his demon flip punch is no longer overhead (Just like Goukens isn’t.)
Viper lost a little bit of damage and got a retooling to her EX Thunder punch (Faster startup but longer recovery.)

Other than that, pretty much everyone only received buffs and maybe 1 nerf. But noone got insulted quite like Makoto did by getting a buff as useless as level 4-5 charged Hayates being better. It’d be like giving Balrog’s turn punch final +10more stun, it doesn’t matter. It isn’t that noone uses it because there are better options (see: Ken’s target combo) noone uses it is literally a death sentence to attempt since it takes so long and you can’t even move during it.

You guys don’t charge you’re Hayates to LV5…What’s wrong with you people.

Level 5 Hayate is now Makoto’s Legendary Taunt.