makoto av request

just a non animated sprite of makoto doing her taunt, if possible in her lk costume (green)

Yeah Dood 120% already made you an av that you haven’t worn, and you haven’t even had this Sean av on for two weeks yet.

He PM’ed me a couple of days ago asking me for one, too.

You have to slow down, dude. Wearing an avatar for like a day isn’t exactly respectful. People put time into these things. :confused:

Read this again. If you did at all.

i didnt say i was going to wear it i would just liek to have one and the reson im not wering yeah dood is because he said hed have it done by the weekend and it wasnt so i thought oh maybe he just didnt care so i just got another one

:wonder: Yeah, sorry about that SweetyPieJonson dood. Lately, Fed->Ex has been trippin’ and I’ve been really busy. But since I’ve only got one week left before I go on sick leave for about a month and a half I think they’re trying to get as much work out of me as possible. :sweat: I really can’t wait until I get my next surgery out of the way… doods.

you can’t ask for another avatar unless you’re ready to wear it