Makoto AV Request

I’ve been rollin’ with this avatar for almost a year now and thought I could use a new one. This one’s badass, no doubt, but if someone could make me a new one, that’d be greatly appreciated. No specs (just like last time), just something with Makoto.

-Thanks to DarkGiygas for making the one I’m currently sporting a longass time ago. Chiyeah!

i’ll take this one.

nooooo dont change your av i like it

I want that sprite edit for one.

well, unless he still wants a new one:

sprite has been long since deleted

i can do a new one if you want, or any other pose

edit: this is pretty close

some others:

Yeah? I think its kickass too. Someone gave me a rep point recently too…hmm. I don’t wanna seem like an ass and not sport shatter’s though. I know it takes effort to make some of these. Tell you what, I’ll sport this one for awhile then I’ll sport shatter’s. (right click, save as) Trust. Mas gras though. Mas gras.

I’ll make one of the red edit.

I made two versions of this one. I like the brown and white one more, but whatever:

the last one is a .png file, and I’m not sure if it’ll fit being 18.93 kb.

[Don’t do drugs]

whatever drug youre takin’…pass me some.