Makoto avatar request...

makoto’s frame, the ending of s.a.I raising the fist, flame background makoto color red like she’s angry then pls put this Shinmakoto

up to you if you wanna use

Hey!! Thanx man i appriciate… Super Thanx again!!

…btw, crow can u kind a… change the color of makoto if possible black outfit then red band in the neck… thanx again my man!!!

I make another one, I deleted the .psd file a while back already.

Edit: ah nm… I tried it, but I don’t know how to recolor sprites… not sure what else I could try

do this crow…

image—adjustments–replace color


thanks, but I can’t find the replace color option. all i see are






That’s cool…tnx anyway, i’ll try check this thread incase there is a sudden change to moi avatar…tnx alot

aye crow i went ahead and edited the sprite for you…

thanks, sorry for the trouble man.

im going to to give it a shot.

here you go

nice job there seth but he wanted black outfit then red band in the neck…just lookin out…

up to you if you wanna use

Ei…nice I really appreciate all of this thanks to all of you…i mean very much!!! COOL!!! TTThanks CROW,SETH<MONKEYSPANK!!!

can you make me an avatar of Lil Jon the rapper please thanks

Hey guys can you take another request its for my frend who is new hir in shoryuken… he got no time to make a request… so just do it myself…

anyway. the request–>Yun doing his S.A.III or doing a taunt(pls choose w/c do you prefer…)yun color black, red back ground and pls put this: Madc@tz. thanx

animated ?

Yes sir…Thanx in advance…

dunno where to find the yun gif you want, I could try recolouring, but I can’t find the sprite you want.

Hmm… I cant find it either… well, can you pic up yun when his walking… then its up to you to edit it…then pls put the name Madc@tz…thanx…