Makoto Beginner's Guide

Ahoi all,

I’ve been compiling a bunch of links/videos to make a guide that anybody can look at and become proficient using Makoto with. Here’s what I have so far.

Does anybody know of any other good resources that I could add?

I swear we were the only character forum that had something much better than anything else…oh yeah, the Rindoukan Bible… :expressionless:

The stickies we have are pretty good for beginners to get what they need. The AEMAKOTO guide could use more information on her normals and OS’s, but that’s about it for any beginner-intermediate knowledge needed.

You linked twice the same video in your Juri guide :

2x SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV JURI - COMBOS COLLECTION (mid-screen combos without feng shui)

“Makoto walks like a turtle, thus needing higher apm than most characters
to move around.  Your main options for moving are dashes, hayate and
tsurugi.”<br>Come on, there are also normal moves in this game. I was astonished you didnt mention the U2.<br>“U2 gives Makoto a degree of mobility that she usually lacks and is quite fast.” Ok my bad.<br><br>No seriously, you should correct this. f.MP, f.LK, f.MK, f.HK feint are way less braindead than going forward with a hayate. They take 35/40/43 frames : it’s very unsafe to do what you are suggesting. Also the dash does half of the screen : if the opponent is not blind, he can destroy you if you keep mashing dash.<br>