Makoto Can FADC her Hayte now so

Any cool links that work as a follow or is this mostly for a safety maneuver?

Could’nt she always fadc her hayate?

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Yeah, she could in Super and AE. Dash forward karakusa or lvl 1/2 FA backdash are decent followups. I wanna say the hayate follow-up thread covers FAs though if I remember right. And this is a question for the FAQ thread…Mossad isn’t gonna be happy about this!

Nah nah I’m done with the angry shit, remember? Bad for my heart lol.

Ok so check it out:

Before FADC:
-anything ending in HP Hayate
-anything ending in level 2 MP Hayate (VERY Dificult)
-could’ve sworn I got CH HP to connect with level 3 MP Hayate, but someone with better execution should confirm)

After FADC
-s.LP, s.MP>>ender
-c.LP, s.LP, s.MP, >> ender
-c.LK, LP/EX Hayate
-you can also double up on s.MP
-you can also replace any s.MP with TC1
-you can also place any TC1 AFTER any s.MP or 2x s.MP

Oh you wanted to be pretty? Try these on Dudley:

-CH s.HP, HC, s.HP, L2 Hayate, FADC, s.LP, s.MP, s.MP, TC1, EX Hayate, fuki, EX Tsurugi
-whatever into HP Hayate, FADC. s.LP, s.MP, c.LP, (meaty) s.LP, TC1, EX Hayate

Of course doing any of these more than once sets up FADC Karakusa…

If your char specific you can twin/juri(i think)/ibuki s.MP,S.lp,S.FP,fp Hayate fadc S.lp,S.Mp,TC,MP/EX hayate.
I am trying to see if i can get a s.LP,s.MP,s.LP,s.FP after the fadc
That is fancy imo and hard as fuck to land.
Linking into TC from MP fuck’s me up because i have programmed my timing.
Working to undo it because it leads to her best meterless punish’s

That works on dictator too… I’m looking into some others

Oh and it’s reall easy off of a counter MP

HP combos from Lvl3 HP Hayate. As does U1.

The only practical FADCs I see are:
HP -> HP Hayate or Lvl2 MP Hayate -> FADC -> Hitconfirm: s.LP -> s.MP
If hit confirm successful, EX-hayate. If in corner, Fukiage -> EX Tsurugi.
If hit confirm fails, Karakusa.

There is also:
Lvl3 HP Hayate -> Hitconfirm: HP -> HC -> MP
See above for hit confirm.

And my favourite:
Lvl3 HP Hayate -> FADC -> U1

What about a level 2 HP Hayate? Can you combo into s.MP? Cause if so you can, then does FA2/3, L2 HP Hayate combo without KD? If so it could make for some ugly FADC combos.

Still would like to point out that FADC combos are pointless unless it kills the opponent. Also, normal combos, especially when the corner combo hits, does more damage due to scaling. It is so pretty to do FADC combos though!

Oh one more thing, I’ve had great success doing HP Hayate FADC c.LK, EX Hayate. It’s a 1 frame link, but I if you miss the link, the combo resets and the c.LK combo beats:

-High Blocking
-mashing normals
-crouch teching
-mistimed backdash
-anything else mistimed

Thing is, getting hit with 2 hayates takes them to the corner from over 1/2 stage distance away. So unless your back is to the wall when you start this, there’s a good chance that you just took at least 500 damage and now it’s OKI TIME lol!!

Lvl2 HP Hayate can combo into s.MP. But Lvl2 HP Hayate will always KD on Focus crumple when I tested it. But there is so many better options than FADC when you get focus crumple.

I agree with FADC combos with Makoto being mostly useless. But there are some good times to use it like FADC into U1 when you dizzy the opponent. Lvl3 HP Hayate is 140 damage unscaled. So it could make the difference needed to KO sometimes.

Also, like you said, putting the opponent in the corner is easy. A HP hayate and EX-Hayate combo will push the opponent half screen. Most of the time you do this you will be able to corner combo fukiage so as long as you are not doing FADC combos from the corner.