Makoto Combos

I was wondering if anyone knew any long combos with makoto, besides her juggle wit SA 2. thanks

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Stick to Ibuki or something.

If you get them near the corner you can do this. Karakusa, s.hp, EX hayate, to reset, dash in karakusa (can be jumped) s.hp, EX hayate. Should stun them so pull out SA2 cancel last hit into sj medium tsurugi, hayate twice. Sometimes after the reset to mix up try a quick EX tsurugi in case they try to jump the second karakusa. Do it low enough so itll catch them if they try to crouch (they might try to poke you out of your dash).

You could also check the sticky thread at the top. Theres a good compilation of Makoto info there including useful combos. Its long but if you read that you wouldnt have to make threads like this.

true indeed also there are many others you can do works on shotos half the cast can take another hayate lp at the end if you only need a little push for the stun or damage for the k.o also after the f.lkyou can kara-kara or kara ex oroshi same results also if you dash on some chars like urien ,dudley , alex you cross them up n set-up abare tosanami still this shit’s old so ppl who know her gimmicks will make it hard for her.

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