Makoto fans jump the gun!



First off, just to reiterate the legions of SF comic fans out there, great job! There’s not much to say that hasn’t been said already, so i’ll just keep it at letting you know that you have another life long fan.

Anyway, I know you must get a million of these requests, but i want to start a petition to have Makoto get some decent page time once the third strike arc begins.


She is strong, determined, and the Makoto v. Ibuki backstory could lead to a pretty kick arse high school melee among makoto, ibuki, sakura, and karin.

I know that the comics will ultimately reflect the interests of the SF community as a whole, so please, all of you makoto get up off your asses and throw your fist in the air Fukiage style!!!


I’ve never found Makoto to be very interesting. She may be the least interesting character in SFIII.


Isnt she one of the few (or only?) SF gal missing from the 3rd issue cover?

Yeah, that was pretty sad… I bet Makoto, Ibuki and Elena will all have very small cameos…


Ibuki at least has an official storyline reason to get caught up in the doings of Gill’s organization, but Elena and Makoto are really some of the more storyline-pointless characters in SF3 (which is saying a lot given how storyline-pointless a LOT of the SF3 cast is)


I do agree that such characters as Elena and Makoto do not necessarily have much to do with the official storyline/ impact on the world of SF, but they do have their fans.
Infact, because they have so little story, that could warrant Udon to create their backstory and characterzation in the comic. I’m sure that would satisfy fans and give more insight overall.


I really hope Ibuki,Elena and Makoto play big roles in the third strike storyarc,or I would be very upset.Of course,I want them all to play big roles-the mystery man Q,Hugo and Poison,the story arc of Necro and Twelve,and a whole lot of Oro. But I know udon is handling the story and I have nothing to worry about.


I personally like Makoto a lot, and obviously find lame how other characters get more popular simply because of the sex appeal. But thats how it goes… I bet if SF2:WW had two girls, Chun-li and a hotter one, the later would be more popular.

Anyway, who in SF3 actually does anything wothwhile? I mean, it seems only Urien and Gill actually have something going on, while the others are just very vaguely (or not at all) connected to the “story”… Even Alex, the lead character doesnt seem very important.

Also, no way Udon will have Ryu lose to Oro. Theyll probably have a Ryu vs Akuma fight instead (maybe Alex vs Gill too?). I wonder how theyll deal with Akuma on SF2. If they make Ryu fight with him three times itll be pretty boring…

I wish Udon had followed cannon faithfully, tying the lose points, instead of what theyre doing.


Pretty much no one, really, although a few do juuuuuuuust enough that Udon could probably BS something up for them to expand their role. Assuming Gill will be the main villain, then Dudley, Ibuki, Necro, Twelve, Urien, Chun-Li, and Alex can get involved since they all interacted at least briefly with Gill’s organization in the storyline at some point or another, although none of them actually criss-crossed with each other. …the lack of official REAL criss-crossings (as opposed to Alpha where a ton of characters have some sort of established relationship to each other) might make things a bit iffy, to say the least

never really cared much for SF3’s storyline due to most characters being in their own solo storyline void for the most part. Granted, it was seemingly also that way in SF2 before Alpha came along, but SF2 never asked to be storyline heavy anyways given that it doesn’t have pre-fight dialogue so whatever




Ok, here are some points in support of Makoto:

  1. She fights for the sake of the art. She’s like Sakura, except she has skill! Not saying Sakura doesn’t have skill, but Sakura doesn’t have a 100% combo (SAII ; D).

Sure, she doesn’t have any tie in with the big baddies like Vega, Akuma, or Gill, but she can hold her own against them, if she wasn’t too wreckless. Maybe she can sitr their curiosity, maybe even turn bad for a bit, but she has the heart of Ryu, taking SF back to it’s fundamentals…

  1. She offers a GREAT back story that involves Yun,Yang, and Ibuki (all three are connected to mainstream stories).

  2. Ryu and Makoto have very similar personalities, and it would be refreshing to have someone who is similar to ryu come around. It would be a great fight!

  3. Makoto breaks form from the other SF females, not giving into any overt male fantasies. She is just a fresh and objective female fighter, offering an antithesis of the sakuras and ibukis out there…

AND she is also a somewhat serious version of Dan, fighting for her father, but being a better fighter…

  1. She KICKS ASS! didn’t i mention SAII? Her moves still have that capcom fighter feel, but they carry well with her personality. It would be a shame to have her moves left from the pages of SF…

There’s more, but i’m at work, and can’t spend too much time on this…



Don’t get me wrong, the main story of the tournament should be the back bone, but i think the individual stories was the thing that seperated Street Fighter from any other of the banal games that were out back in the day…

Please, support your small characters!!!


Even though Makoto is just your average karate fighter ( looks wise) she is still worthwile in developing her story in the comic by Udon. Gain brought up a good point about Makoto not being sexually appealing to guys. So I guess her ugliness is what’s really unique about her? Just kidding:lol: but anyway having a fighting game gal not be so sexually attractive in a fighting game is not something you see everyday. So she gets credite for that.

Her moves acually are unique as well. again, not something you see a lot of karate fighters do like her supers. Actually her style resembles karate better than the “shoto” clones gotta admit.

She does have a good “seriuos” personality. Actually better than Ryu’s lol who has very little personality in the fighting games if any…

Oh and Gain, how is Makoto’s back story in third strike great? can you explain a bit? cuz the the SF3 storyline actually doesn’t really go anywhere…


Well, to respond to HadoJosh, I am in many respects a minimalist…

What got me hooked on ryu was his ending and how he was the only one of the street fighters who fought simply for the fight…

Street Fighter 2 WW was great because we were given a LOT of individual stories which all came together at the tournament.,…

When Alphas came out, it was good, and i’m still a huge fan, but i liked how SF2WW kept a lot open and shadaloo wasn’t responsible for everything from the crucificion of Jesus to the vanishing of sox in the drier… I’d even go so far to say that things weren’t the same after they introduced the new warriors: cammy, deejay, fei long, & thawk…

But Third Strike kinda brought everything back… we all know that it was supposed to be clean slate and that ryu and ken weren’t even really supposed to be in it, and i’m glad that they are ESPECIALLY ryu, but i think it would have been interesting if he wasn’t, but his legacy was still there…

I like Makoto BECAUSE of her fighting style AND because she’s someone that wants to fight for the sake of the art… i can relate to that best because that’s what i liked about ryu… Granted they threw in how she wanted to bring respect and glory to her father’s dojo and she also is a rival of the better looking and more popular Ibuki, but that also made connections to the street fighter world that i liked… subtle yet volatile…

ALSO… how badass is it that you can go into a fight with a long ass scarf… THAT’S even more arrogant than lobbing off your arm


If anyone has anymore to add about Makoto, please do!


I think Makoto’s character and personality is one that people respond to. She’s mostly plain, sure, with just a little bit of tomboy cuteness thrown in, but it makes her so much more human than any SF3 character ever made.

But I still don’t understand why she wears a headband around her neck. And such a freaking long one… I mean geez, if she steps on that thing wrong she’d basically lynch herself. XP


Hmm…for some reason, I imagined a whole slew of hooded Klansmen circling a large tree on their white stallions, with an unfortunate stuffed Makoto effigy being hung by her scarf hanging off one of its branches.

Er, anyway, I think the scarf is a keepsake of her mom or pops or something.