Makoto fightstick template art

Hi guys, on request of Cydvis I made these fightstick template art
You can find it here: preview of original art

Makoto fightstick template | 8bitengine

I haven’t put any urls on it, but please refer any interested people to my blog: 8bitengine | For the artsy Geek/gamer\otaku | Design in game, animation or products and/or deviantart account:

Great job Chewster ! (and nice blog btw)

I guess I’ll use this thread to ask you guys for your opinions on the template I made a few months back.
Here it is. Imageshack scaled it down a lot for some reason but you get the idea. Still haven’t put it on my stick (mainly because I don’t want to do it myself and haven’t found anybody to do it for me yet).
What do you think?

That’s an awesome template cheesus. Oh and Cydvis, good games earlier. That Akuma was my roommate (his account, he’s just learning the game). I was a little intimidated at the beginning, you being Cydvis and all. :smiley:

I think you should put a background on it… something like that, nothing flashy or bland

Yea it was cool, too bad i’ve got ma crappy shitty awfull internet connection. I almost never play vs Makoto it’s nice to play one of this forum once in a while. Maybe there’s some sweet stuff on that matchup waiting to be find

stick.jpg picture by llnonfictionll - Photobucket

Guess I’ll post this here. Took the holes out for a better look, plus I’m not 100% sold on where I want it.

I never made template art but i do have 7 years of experience.
I think i did it right.
I dont own a SE stick so i dont know what to do with it lol.

I vectored the whole thing.
I really wish you guys could see the eyes better but oh well.

I used this

Double post.
Updated my template art for someone this is a TE version. Thinking of doing another. Maybe.

Very nice artwork !!!

Is it possible to have the main picture so I can put it on my TE ^^ ?

Or can you tell me where did you find the main artwork of Makoto ?


That’s amazing. I came across that picture a while back. You did a ton of nice work with it.

I really want to mod my stick with a Makoto theme too , but I have NO IDEA how to do it … so I’m kind of scared of touching any screws lol

There are many tutorials on youtube. It all depends on what type of stick you have.

I have the normal red SF4 TE

I put custom art on my SE, and I’m pretty much useless when it comes to this stuff. From what I can gather, changing TE art is much simpler, so you shouldn’t have problems.

These templates are all great. I especially like how Seventy worked in all the player names. Club Mak :D.

MagoCyber has a great Makoto stick up in the TO right now. It’s definitely worth a look. I’ll go fetch the link and come back to edit it into this post.

EDIT: Here it is:

And it’s magocyber, not MagoCyber. Oops.

I want something unique but it’s really hard I cant find a good picture that’s worth the money that I’m gonna spend … not a lot of painters love Makoto …

Zak, check out Deviant Art. I’m sure the artists would love to have their work featured on a stick–I would just make sure to ask first! Maybe you can even commission a custom piece from an artist whose style you really like.

Here’re a couple of great ones I found by simply searching “Makoto.” These were both on the first page of results.

That second one is especially nice.

That’s where I always check , but the only good one I found is one with Eleena and Makoto … I had cut out eleena from the picture and left only Makoto there, but the picture became too small and it won’t work for modding my stick … there was a good one here … a black one with the names of good players and her ultras I think … but the moment I tried downloading it , it became stretched for some reason … I don’t know how to do this

EDIT: Can anyone explain in more detail on how to print the picture and how to make the holes etc … I have a normal SF4 TE stick (the red one with white buttons and balltop)

For my SE mod, I printed the art without the hole layers, put it on the faceplate, and then trimmed the holes with an exacto. I used lami-label from Kinkos, so the art was stuck very firmly in place while I cut the holes out from the reverse side. (I put a the faceplate upside-down on a piece of wax paper while I did this so as not to damage or scratch the art.)

I’d print the art at a pro shop, just to be sure you get the best quality. Also, make sure they have the right dimensions on their screen before the print. Mine came out a touch smaller than I’d thought it would, but it didn’t matter b/c the pic was still larger than the stick and I didn’t have any hole outlines on it.

Hope that helps–be sure to come back here with pics of the finished product.

Here is what I’m working on for my stick, still messing with the text/fonts, cleaning up the image etc…

Makoto Template

This is a quick Mockup I did to get an idea of what the stick would look like. I did a rush job on this so I had to delete the name and clip some of the images because I didn’t get the skewed perspective just right. I would probably change out buttons and ball-top as well.

Makoto Mockup

That looks pretty good, Facture x) One thing I would consider is the left side of the template though. The overlapping Makoto’s just feel kinda crowded to me. I’d end up going with one or the other, preferably the sketched Makoto. Feels a lot cleaner then to have it overlapping a full-color Makoto. Might just be me though.