Makoto for dummies

I’ve been able to figure most of all the characters except this one. I don’t understand how to play wit’ her, what her game revolves around or anything. Plus I cant do those Abare Tosanami combos, I can link a Hayate into Seichusen Godanzuki but I cant combo into Hayate into Seichusen Godanzuki. I need help!!! :crybaby:

Help with what? Do you lose with her?

Supers arent as important as knowing what her normal moves do. Do you know any poke strings etc?

I dont know anything with her that’s problem!

well, there are plenty helpful threads on here about makoto, thats for sure. so, i dont know much about makoto either but I think you came to the right place.

Watch Makoto Vids from tournaments in Japan that are posted in Games Discussion forums, here and on the acho website. Makoto has a lot of potential to stun the opponent anytime (abuse it) and there are is a lot of things you can do in terms of mind games.

[ Air to Air ]
j.HP / j.RH
~ seem to be good to me, I don’t really like j.RH much, but it is better then HP in terms of dmg and keeping close to the enemy. HP knocks them to the far side of the screen which I like since it pushes them away a lot and that starts up my rush down game.

[ Pokes ]
s.MP / c.MP / c.LK… c.MK
~ s.MP is more of the meter builder for me, c.MP has good range and c.LK / c.MK is good at controlling the ground game a bit to push them away and if you’re not good at comboing c.LK, Hayate strings on hit yet.

[ Mind Games ]
This is the stuff I picked up playing against INTERMEDIATE players, so I don’t know if they work against experts around the world (lol). Anyways, mind games are key and my friends can vouch for it too after i streaked on them with Makoto with just simple combos and guessing games.

HCB+K (Karakusa Command Grab), s.HP, QCF+MP (Hayate).

follow ups with

> repeat combo again by grabbing them right after.
> if they are “smart” and jump straight up to avoid you or combo you (they will most likely do it everytime… or at least everybody i know does… lol)
ex.fukiage (DP+PP) <super jump cancel> j.HP/j.RH
> if they jump away instead after instead superjump towards them with
(forgot if you can reset them) but if you can you can setup with more combos by EX Hayate (safer then normal since you bounce back a little) or dash forward for a grab then play wake up games with them since they will most likely be in the corner right now.

If you want more combos, the combos that do the most stun involve SA2 and are situational as you cannot always get the opponent in them because you need them to be on your side of the screen. Also I find if you want to skip the Karakusa, s.HP part of the combo and just hit the super. If you want to mix it up even more, start using fake f.RHs (holding down RH so she doesn’t trip the opponent), mix them in and out of your game and tame the opponent into throwing you or trying to hit you out of it (since SOME opponent figure out you will grab them with karakusa) and as soon as they get up they will try a wake up on you just do SA2, if they don’t block they will get hit, if they did block you didn’t scare them enough with grabs yet.

You can also mix it up with fake f.RH in quick super jump Axe kick (MK if you want to knock them up incase they try to jump or whatever for a free Hayate Hayate combo or RH to put them down again and play with their minds again). All of her moves do substantial stun already, but a bunch of small combos is better to me then learning one big situational combo (but you can do both). I believe crouching attacks don’t stun at all so hitting f.RH is really just to scare you opponent even more since you have these options as wake up (works even against DP characters, all about the pressure)

> Karakusa (unblockable)
> f.RH / feint f.RH, c.HP / c.LK, MP Hayate + followups (low attack)
> sj. axe kick / UOH / SA2 / s.LK, ex. chop (overheads)

Wake up game has never been so annoying or scary for anybody now lol. I find Makoto’s wake up game to be surprisingly superior to any other character’s wake up game though she has the WORST wake up game if she were to get knocked down since what can she really do? PARRY! and… that’s it. So being offensive is the key and stun the shit outta them.

[ Notes / Stuff to Practise ]
> If you are using SAI or SAII learn to connect it after s.HP, Hayate strings. For SAII you have more options after, don’t just learn 1 air combo too. I’ve seen people parry out of
HCB+K, s.HP xx SAII, late j.QCB+MK <land> <dash under> s.LP/s.RH xx SAII (parried at the air kick) etc etc. Karakusa, s.HP xx SAI/SAII is a bit difficult for me still. I can get it out on a good day, but sometimes I will get frustrated because it just won’t come out at all.
> TIMING for wake ups is key, if you are too early it will calm down the opponent because you aren’t pressuring them properly, if you are too late you are giving your opponent free combos.
> ABUSE Karakusa command grab / Throws
> Get down quick jumping EX axe kicks (split second after jumping off the ground), they will add more to your wake up game and is very good at stopping your enemy cold.
> Never get defensive, go into the mind state that you are a beast/machine/monster/‘crackhead without crack’ and just keep on them. You have no defensive options so why be defensive for? If they pressure you, poke your way out, parry or block jump and dash the crap away, calm yourself down and go attack again. The difference between attacking and defending is just what you are doing with your right hand.

Don’t know what I left out… but if theres any questions or mistakes I did please post. Teaching people / giving advice makes me play better and learn more stuff on my own so if theres any questions please ask. I’m not the greatest with Makoto, but I can hold my own with her and that’s what counts in learning.

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