Makoto full stun question

Does makoto have a combo that will do full stun damage. Ive got one that just stops right before the character gets stunned.

it depends on the character. against akuma/remy it’s real easy. though for other chars like hugo it’s harder…cuz they have a bigger stun meter…and stuff…

I suck the highest stun I could manage would be…
kusa > fierce > SAII > dash forward, SAII, dash fukiage, EX fukiage/SJ up fierce. haha

You can fullstun almost all characters with this (haven’t tried it against Hugo but I’d imagine it will work and I know it doesn’t work on Elena just because of her wierd properties):
karakusa > fierce > sa2 XX sj.mk_axekick > dash > ((OPPOSITE DIRECTION)) mp > sa2 XX whatever you’d like at this point.

then on the stun j.rh > fierce > ex.hayate > mk

ex fukiage?

yea you can connect an EX fukiage after you connect the regular one. or you can jump-cancel into jumping fierce like i said…

since when did makoto come with 3 meters?

oooo yea haha I guess yea you wouldn’t have enough meter sorry. yea so you could only do a sj.fierce haha

For Elena :

You can do

63214K > HP > SA 2 > DASH > 623P > Kara 623P .

your ggxx notation confuses me :wasted:

and do u kara the DP w/ short of roundhouse?

You have to find that little secret out ~ :smiley:

you do it with short… of course I can only do it on pad - stupid joystick skills are lacking.