Makoto Gif Please

can someone please make me a makoto Gif(in her MP outfit) doing the last part of the SA1.(the uppercut)
with a nice pink background.

i would really appreciate this.

thank you for your time.

google 3s sprites, there a site for them

always check here first for 3S sprites.

thanks guys ill do that next time.

now i just need a nice pink background

is it possible for just to do the last part of SA1(the uppercut) and it still be a gif?(like the wind blowing on her)

Are you asking for a gif or an av?

I thought you were just looking for a gif but you keep mentioning something about a pink background. :wonder:

thank you.

i want that pic above moving with a pink background. plz

sorry for the confusion D:

It just seemed odd to me that you wanted the pink bg.

your right it does look weird but i thought you were going to do something like you did my current avy(but pink)

im on this other forum most of the time and when you ask for a gif it means a moving avy. i thought it was the same everywhere

i’m sorry vegett0

Oh, I get it. Are there any dimensions or file size restrictions?

im lost :frowning:

i just wanted an avy like you did my current one. but with makoto(doing the uppercut) and a sweet pink bg

Avatar request.

Mystery…complete! :watson:

I think I’m just out of it right now. I’m going crazy, don’t listen to me. :rofl::looney:

Here is an idea:

yes thank you Vegett0 i’m really sorry for the confusion