Makoto good spots to option select?

I’ve noticed with alot of other characters there are very good spots to try an option select parry. This is just typically cuz the move has slight disadvantage meaning it is more likely someone is going to attack you than to attempt to gain pressure.

After a blocked cr. MK with a shoto. Or Ken’s s. MK.

Yun after a blocked back I see parry low a lot as that’s how most people like to attack there unless he decides to take to the air.

Chun doesn’t have many disadvantage moves that are used but I seem them try a low option after a cr. mk sometimes instead of trying to catch them with a mid. Or doing a low parry after a f. MK as the move looks so bad lots of people try to attack there even though it has frame advantage.

I was thinking maybe after a blocked cr. lk to try a low parry v. shoto’s or the like as i’d imagine they’d like to go for there lowxxsuper option. Just started thinking about it and I really need to improve my parry game to bring my game into the real competitive realm as I notice a lot of makoto’s just go for safe pressure and combine it with parryxxkarakusa for their wins.
Are there any of these that you do? and do you typically parry High or Low with the setup?**

after a blocked EX hayate
after a ducked c.rh

eh…just a couple that come to mind

Parry whenever you want :smiley:

be careful though because sometimes if you parry karakusa you might parry dash which is no bueno

parry and hit a button

no you’ve entered the realm of unbeatable tactics ^^

If you’re really beasting, or even if you have maintained pressure for awhile, I like the Kara-Karakusa after the blocked ex-hayate. evil

Depending on the situation, parryxxFPxxwhatever, or parryxxthrow work for me alot more than parryxxkarakusa, unless its something obvious to parryxxkarakusa like a hurricane kick. If you are gonna parryxxkarakusa, keep in mind that you have alot better chance with the frames if you go for the short or forward karakusa instead of the RH.

So which useful ones are there?

(Option parry (high preferred)) s.HP~throw
Buffer into Hayate, SAI, or SAII vs. characters that get hit by s.HP while doing low moves, or everytime when the parry attempt is a high one.

(Option parry) s.MP~throw
Into SAI (hit confirmable?) or s.LK x Hayate if you don’t have meter.

What else?