Makoto in Top 8



Way to go Haitani! He had some amazing matches, and had to beat not one, but two Cammys…

I believe the full list is:
Winner’s Bracket: Sako vs. Xian // Tokido vs. PR Rog
Loser’s Bracket: Daigo vs. Infiltration // Haitani vs. Gamerbee


A guy who post on Neogaf named Toypop knows Japanese and he translated a small part of Haitani’s interview when he was on Nico Nico after a match

“Actually I’ve been playing Rufus off-stream and it worked well. But I also felt that crowd expecting Makoto.
So I decided to main her on stage. No, not because of matchups, just for hype.”

– Haitani on nico stream.

Yeah, maybe not the best decision for himself but mad respect to Haitani for doing it for the fans and coming through to get into top 8.


3s players showing how’s its done


Haitani deserves a medal for bodying so many of the Cammy hordes. Weeding Cammy players out ups stream entertainment value tremendously.


He beat so many good players. He basically cleaned house in losers.


Haitani was unbelievable last night. I hope he sticks with Makoto through the finals. If he makes the switch the Rufus and gets taken apart I’ll be pretty bummed out :frowning:


Yeah hopefully he sticks with her. There were several people who either tried to counter pick, or they doubted themselves and went with another character, but they all got destroyed yesterday.


To be honest I wouldn’t mind if we get both Rufus and Makoto from Haitani during finals. Either way if he wins it’ll be awesome. A win for both characters. :stuck_out_tongue:


Shoutouts to Haitani. Dude played amazing, but he needs to quit backdashing so much!


to be honest, i felt like he could have taken pr rog in a lot of those rounds. i thought for sure he had it actually! i was worried more about gamerbee and anyone playing gouki more… oh well, Haitani was still a beast through and through with his mak, and i enjoyed watching it all go down. he definitely put on a show for the world to see just how awesome makoto really is.


He was amazing however the best don’t understand the rationale for trying to throw so much against Rog. Also why didn’t he switch sides? He didn’t switch even 1 time to break charge. No XU Tsurugi? No Oroshi on wake up? It was frustrating to watch.

Everything was working up to this point. Not saying he played badly… Because he played well. Just that I don’t understand his train of thought congratulations to him for making it so far though. He is still the best Makoto on the Planet.


**however I just

Stupid autocorrect lol


Is Haitani a sponsored player or did he pay his own way to EVO?

Anyway, watching him eat all of Rog’s focus attacks was heart breaking. Is Makoto pretty free to focus in the corner or something?


Yeah I was literally bewildered watching Haitani eat focus after focus from FUCKING BALROG. There are probably only one or two worse FAs in the game…


I think that’s because focusing so much is generally a bad idea. In Japan lol.

Americans don’t give a fuck. Focus like it’s nobody’s business. Haitani was probably just like whyyyyyy lol wtf I’m not used to thjsssssss. But in Japanese.


Going by how close Haitani was to Balrog on one of those throw attempts to beat a focus Balrogs throwable hitbox must go pretty far back when he charges a focus.
They were working way too well against a lot of people to just be yolo crap. You don’t get top 8 by doing stuff like that at EVO unless you know something the opponent doesn’t.


yeah, i thought of that the minute i saw pr rog abusing that shit! he seem to reel back more than normal and players tend to wiff shit right in front of him… i dunno, i could be wrong lol


I think Balrog is a pretty bad matchup for Mak. He doesn’t have to take any risks at all really. Josh Wong told me any time he wants to beat NinjaCW he just picks rog and its free. Against a top level rog I think all of us would have problems. Especiallly considering there are no balrog players in japan (lets be real here)


R is a Balrog player.


watching him play her made want to pick her up as i tinkered with her for a minute when she was first added to Super ,but her walk speed scared the shit out of me, ima go threw her trails and see if we can click a bit or if its a fail.