Makoto is a god



Makoto just won 10-6 Against uryo’s viper , the dude is a god , period.NOW START WORSHIPPING


I knew Makoto was gonna win…always felt the matchup was 5-5 despite people thinking that Vega is free against Viper.

Can’t believe he won 10-6 though, i wouldve thought it would be 10-8. He went crazy the last game lol

Makoto is my favorite player but real talk, I’m sure he could probably take out yhcmochi or at least go evenly with him…but he’s not gonna win against daigo or sako in a long set. Those matchups are too stupid. Especially against a godly cammy like sako’s.


yeah viper cannot use any of her normals against a fundamentally good vega player in a groundgame. she has to rely on is her bks and seismo to get in,which got a bit too predictable for makoto towards the end.i also hate how those ignorant commentators said that it was only because of vega’s “buffs”.that is bs,he couldve beaten him the same way in vanilla.


this forum has exploded with 33 viewers and counting.

lets see how many bandwagoners are really gonna keep using vega.


LOL, figured you Vegas would be celebrating.


Well Vega can outpoke Cammy but yea hard to win lol.
I dropped him from my Main tho after years of using him in ST.

Vega has some decent pokes to give some ppl trouble.
But man his wake-up defensive is bad.

Good shit from Makoto though. Uryo got outpoked By Makoto.
Viper’s footsie are not too good, but her mix-ups and damage is OP.
It seems she doing Vanilla damage still yo lol.

I think the match-up is in Viper’s favor still. Makoto just clutch that shit out.
Just because your char has an advantage doesn’t mean they will actually win.

I personally can still play him in SSFIV but it is hard compare to other characters as to why I dropped him.


the matchup is 5-5,it has always been.a particular character can NEVER be favoured over another when he severly looses in a department compared to the other character(in this case,footsies!).


Yeah, other than the couple of rounds where he hit PoM it all could’ve been vanilla. So glad that’s an overhead now.


I love the Vega vs. Viper matchups. It is always fun for me. Given that, Where are these videos that you guys just saw? I want to see them too.


hahaha snap.


well, makoto did land a few into xx ex wall dive combo and also his close hp into into ex wall dive which would have missed in vanilla sf4. new ultra helps too.


GODSGARDEN 07/03/10 07:22AM, GODSGARDEN 07/03/10 07:22AM godsgarden on USTREAM. Video Game Marathon

This is where I’m watching… and watching this reminds me how much I hate EX seismic hammer… can she maybe get like… 15 more frames of full invincibility? That’d be fair…


both those combo’s worked on Viper in SF 4.


Yeah that was annoying but i cant blame them, they dont know much about vega like we do.


This thread title is so misleading if you don’t see it in the Vega forum. But good shit all the same.


Makoto used an interesting setup right at the last match 1st round.

after izuna drop, vega at corner

slightly delayed hk ST (cross up down opponent)-> touch ground (opponent flips to wakeup) -> ex.walldive backwards to corner -> opponent gets hit with a crossup ex.walldive


He landed that CH so many times, brilliant play by Makoto. I need to start using CH more often.

Also, I came when he did mask toss and then j. fp to ultra.


yeah that’s really difficult lmao…ojk

He just out played Uryo.


Loved it when he did Mask throw, jump-in fierce > Ultra II to punish Viper’s wiffed ultra.


I am very happy that Makoto won. very cool. :slight_smile: