Makoto kara-karakusa setups

I need to know the any and all kara-karakusa setups, being that I can do it but don’t know how to fully utilize it. Any help would be much appreciated!

Yea that post names the most common set-ups except one main one.

After an air-to-air hit in which you attack the opponent. Depending on your trajectories and landings it will always be a bit of a different situation.

-Sometimes immediately when you land you can get them with kara-karakusa
-Sometimes you must dash first and than kara-karakusa
-Sometimes you are not able to set it up depending on how you hit them

[’__’], If by that link you were refering to “- Kara-Karaksusa. Since this has a lot of range, you can use this is many situations. If they do not quickrise, dashback and this will put you in position to kara-karakusa on most characters. Those characters with wide hitboxes such as Hugo, Urien, Dudley and others, the LK will hit them and the karakusa will not catch them. In this case, it is best to time it so the LK comes out and wiffs as they are rising, but they actually wake up into the Karakusa. If they do quickrise, you can just stand there and throw it out as they get up and will catch them. Again, must be done so the LK wiffs on the larger characters. You can also karakarakusa them w/o spacing at all. Bait a parry by wiffing the LK right on top of them so they wake up into the Karakusa. This can take a bit of practice.”

I read all of that before… I’m not asking about set ups for karakusa, I’m asking about kara-karakusa. Are you implying that there isn’t anymore set ups other than what Haunts and Deadpool stated?

EX hayate -> reset -> kara-karakusa
(in corner) SA I -> kara-karakusa -> kara-karakusa
directional throw -> (whiff) xx karakusa

Thanks! That’s what I’m looking for! Is there anymore?

dude to be honest the only kara kara setups you need…

EX hayate, LK reset, kara-kara.
reset opponent in the air with jumping HP, kara kara.
opponent quickrolls, kara kara

Actually, to make one broader that everyone has…

After just about every reset in the corner, even after a s.Fp reset, you can usually kara-kara.

There are also odd ones like after a blocked shoulder move by Yun (non-genei jin). There are probably a few more like this that you will eventually notice just by getting used to the kara-kara distance.