Makoto PC players?

Anyone here play this game on PC? I just got the steam sale version. So I was thinking it is time to get some online training partners and start playing this games again.

I hate mirror matches, so I mostly play Fei against Makoto players. But I’ll run some mirrors if you want.

Also, has anyone noticed a timing difference with the PC version? I cannot do Makoto’s FFS at all on the PC, while I have at least 80% success rate on console.

GFWL: onem1c
Location: Toronto

Forgot to put my own gamertag: “Robin RK” is anyone wants to add me.

onemic, do you play at A&C?

I wish. As per my tag I’m still an FGC newbie. Under 1000pp. If I went to A & C I’d just get bodied by everyone there.

There a lot of people at A&C just trying to level up. Lets run some sets online and we can meet at A&C sometime. Maybe you can teach me 3S makoto.

I’d be down, will be on later today and wednesday barring shitty connections.(wireless and all that)

Looking at your page, you’d probably teach me a wealth of stuff on 3S Makoto too heh.

got it on the steam sale, was a real steal (already got it on Xbox). Im pretty bad (600pp/1200bp with makoto atm). I played Fei Long on XBL had about 3000bp at some point (pre ver2012; either in Super or AE I cant remember really). So if you want to play, just add me :slight_smile:

Location: Bavaria/Germany
GFWL: AnBi2199

update: ~1000pp ~3000bp since 2 days ago

GFWL: Bleachyleachy
Location: Oxford, England

To give you a rough idea of my level, 2000PP, been playing a year since the game was out on PC. Happy to play anyone. Been frustrated of late though as I hit a wall and I have not been getting better for months, but hey ho.

The pc and xbox version do have different timing. Best to drop one. I would play on xbox ranked then couldn’t recover, once i jumped on pc, for a few days. So I quit xbox

I play on PC all the time. Mostly mak, sometimes random for fun. GFWL tag is Machohko. East coast USA btw.

I know that PS3 has one frame of input lag compared to the 360.

Still, xbox live servers are imperfect, how does the PC compare? Ive wanted to switch to PC for awhile but I wont buy the game again at full price

You connection quality depends on who are you playing with. Not what console you play on.

But in terms of input, I think PC is fast than console.

Gamertag : kalote
Location : Paris, France

I have something like ~2000pp ~5000bp … I play ryu and mak and random for fun, but mirrors doesn’t bother me.
Add me if you want : )

Gamertag : Despa1r (Europe, Bulgaria) If anyone wants to learn let me know … I’m no VRyu though lol

The game seems to lag for me, it’s either the monitor or the servers.

My PC can run it smoothly up to 300fps according to the test

Turn off vsync in the graphic options to fix the input lag issues (blame Capcom). Force it using a 3rd party app called D3Doverrider.

GWFL: drekerr<br>Toronto, Canada. <br><br>It’d be nice to play people who aren’t mashing with macros with a stealth 2 bar connection.<br>

I’m in Toronto. I almost never play online anymore, but you can add me and send me an invite if I am.<br><br>QFWL: “Robin RK”<br>

Have you guys seen a significant increase in the netcode for PC out of curiousity?

GFWL is a true pain. Sometimes i cant play at all one guy. His connection turns from green to grey for no reason, and it’s over for the day.