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Hey guys, i’ve been playing SSF4 for a good 6/7 months now, playing an array of characters starting with gouken, moving to cody and then now using Makoto/Bison. I have a good understanding of the basics (teching, plinking, links, fadc) and have reached a max of 1500pp online.

Now for my point, ive picked up Makoto about 2 months ago and i LOVE HER. I love the way she plays and have grasped some basic combos (hayate cancels, ex corner fukiage into tsurugi etc) however i am struggling a lot against the newer players (surprisingly) who are extremely random in their inputs. I seem to have trouble knowing when to use what normals to keep the pressure on safely, as i keep gettin shoryuken mashed out of all my pressure. What i would like from you guys is some advice into how you all improved playing her and what i should focus on/what my weaknesses are.

I have set up a youtube channel to document my progression and also to provide a somewhat entertaining insight into the mindset of lower level players like myself. If you get the chance please look through the two videos i have currently posted (more will be added also) and comment either on the video/this post with some constructive advice.

I am aiming to get her to atleast 1000+pp and hopefully be able to stay there if possible.

Here are the links to the videos:

And for anyone who wants a quick video of myself putting on a solid performance:

Thanks in advance.

I’ll tell you why you’re having trouble against newer players.
Makoto is kind of unique because of this. She has an easier time against opponents who think and know how to play at a decent level. The simple explanation is that you can’t out think a person who doesn’t think. So really, you’re thinking too much when playing against worse opponents.

you beat bad players by biasing your game plan to be more defensive and reactionary. 90% of the time all you need to do is get into their jump range and AA to win. only do safe jumps. only do frame trap block strings (s.MP -> s.MP). don’t rush in.

Another important thing against lesser players is don’t lean on your specials (except meaties?) Abuse your normals and easy hit confirms.

At least to my understanding.

Also, I think there’s already a video critique thread here.

Edit: Makoto Video Thread/Match Critiques

Probably way too late on this, but whatever.

Makoto has no throw invincibility and very little hit invincibility. This is what makes her vulnerable to reversals. So going on against a masher can be frustrating for someone win to Makoto who has no learned her setups and defensive techniques.

It is important to learn to read your opponents with any character in order to not get reversal. It is especially important with Makoto to have plenty of match up knowledge to prevent this from happening. Learn the safe jump setups to beat non 3 frame reversals and bait them with empty safe jumps against 3 frame reversal characters. Learn to punish with forward fierce if you are not consistent with FFS (or playing in lag). Also, a well space Oroshi can beat almost everything in the game; including reversals, tastus and many specials that project the opponent towards you.