Makoto PSN players?

Is there anyone on PSN that mains(seconds) Makoto? I would like to play you and see if I could learn from your play style. Please and Thank You.

Hey I think I’ve played u…n lost lulz

yo both of you guys add me. i second makoto and main sakura. psn is aquatics. just send me a frendy whenever. or anyone else for that matter. wanna up my mak game or teach even teach some new players about mak

Hi im a deacent Makoto mainer add me if u need training just say ur from the makoto forums xD

oh and im from europe so u guys know maybe the connection would be ass…

do you play on xbox live too?
we live close^^

yes I do mostly on xbox live xD

Good to know! i’ll send a request tomorrow =] do people here hang on irc or anything like that? getting live feedback would be cool =]

Hey, I’m a PSN Makoto. Anybody can add me if they want. My connection can be annoying at times but I’ve been trying to learn some new stuff with her (meaty setups, etc.), so any excuse to practice is a good one!

I’m not on XBL but IRC sounds like a good idea. There are some different ones around here but I’m not very familiar with them. Would a Makoto channel be too niche?

Add me! I live in hawaii, so if you don’t live at least on the West coast, dont bother-- connection tends to be less than reliable.

Makoto channel<3 mmmmmmmm. make it happen!

For any europe players I’m game:
PSN: the_chewster

Well I play primarily on XBL, but I also own the game on PS3. Feel free to add me and I’ll play with ya’ll. hell, might learn some tricks from you guys aswell.

wasnt there a thread where everyone maining mak had there PSN/GT’s up and where their location was so people can have easy access to those players to add them? or did that thread get deleted? if not i(or someone else) can sticky a thread for it.

also, im down for a mak channel. id love to slap some of my vids up if someone is willing to record them.

I just set up #Makoto on the Quakenet server if anyone wants to join. I say set-up, it’s not like it’s mad difficult to do :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone unfamiliar with IRC, go here type anything in for your nickname, and #Makoto in for channel. That’s it!

Good! GET HYPE! lol

I joined, hope others will too =)

any Makoto players still around? I was wondering if, I could get some Makoto training in with some of you if thats ok…
I’m only on PSN my connection’s ok most of the time



If anyone is still interested, please add me. Just trying to get back int o the game after a few months off. Makoto is all I know, and all I plan using. I’m east coast.

I need some help with Makoto, to be honest. I’d really like to main with her, but I’m just awful with trying to get any combos going or just about anything else for that matter. If anyone could train with me and maybe help me out a bit, please add.