Makoto Q&A

Hey, I didn’t see a Q&A thread so I thought i’d just make one. Anyway, i’ll start up by asking a few questions.

  • Any tips for her hayate link into SA1? I have practiced quite a bit and i even piano my super input and i still have trouble. anyone got any tips for this, like what point in the animation it is, how late the link is, etc?

  • what close range combos are worth my time? Right now i pretty much just poke with st. mp or cr. lk and fish for hayates. are there any specific block strings or close range combos or frametraps that i need to be using?

1)hayate link tips: try 540’ing the stick starting from back spin the stick so numerical notation assuming maks on the left start from 4123698741236 then piano.

2)ehh i’ll answer later

I’ll give it a shot, but out of curiosity why do you reccommend that method? is it because there is an sjc that gives more time to link or is it just a smoother motion?

Prevents you from rushing messing up the input of the qcfx2

  1. its a link, not a cancel, so make sure you arent just mashing out qcfx2 as quick as possible or anything. pianoing the punch buttons makes a huge difference for negative edge, so probably a little harder if you use a pad. i just watch the animation usually. i assume you were trying to do the 3rd trial where they combo/link this. its like how you get timing on the,, watch the animation. soon as her feet touch ground off drop kick is when you mp, soon as she pulls back the mp you lk. practice lp hayate to super and watch the animation to get your timing down. piano just as the hayate is ending and you should link it. at least thats how i get the timing for these things. others may do it differently.

  2. go to the makoto sticky that is marked READ FIRST and read it. its quite useful and lists strategy adn all the combos you need. typically anything upclose will combo to a lp or ex hayate. you can kara-karakusa off blockstrings. tick throw/tick kara will likely work against new people as well, but many are expecting and have seen it from makotos for 10 years now, so might not work as easily as you think. just try tog et them on the ground and go to work with throws, to ex oroshis and so on.

As for the SA1 link, do it way later than you think you have to. Wait for makoto to bring her arms back from the end of the hayate motion and then piano those inputs during the frames between the two. I buffer my 2xqcf really early on during the hayate and do the motion fairly slowly to make sure I’m done by the time the hayate ends and I’m ready to link. It’s a 1-2 frame link so its not a walk in the park, but once you learn the timing its not that bad. Also practice her UOH linked to SA1, that should help with linking as well.

You know what helped me out? By practicing the HP xx SA2 over and over. It helped me with getting out a clean super motion. You get a good visual feedback right away in Training Mode. I know the HP xx SA2 is a cancel and the Hayate to SA1 is a link but, for me, I treat the super motion the same.

For the UOH, if doing this in Training Mode … is there a way you know you’re doing it right (visual feedback)? Will the character be in a “crumpled/bent over” state when the SA1 is activating?

I can do the Hayate linked to SA1 and know I’m doing it right since Ryu (for example) has his neck down when the SA1 is activated. Would Ryu’s neck be down when the SA1 is activated after the UOH? I should have mention that this is up close to Ryu when I’m trying this out.

If you do UOH against chun you shud see her wince while the super flash is happening i think. You can easily space it by having her block 2x; that’s the correct distance, not for every character though.

According to this, Makoto’s SA1 has one frame of start up. Is this correct?


Thanks, I was 99% sure, but someone disagreed.

oh shit, what’s up R_Panda? we played a bunch of matches on xbl lol.

Anyway Can anyone give me some advice on doing her cr. lk into SA1? I haven’t been able to get it no matter how hard I try,
it seems like it has to be done extremely fast but yeah I haven’t hit it once. I can do cr.lp x2 into SA1 and I figured the timing would be similar lol.

Best I can say is to just grind it out as fast as possible. Just keep at it, the timing isn’t all that strict. Way easier than certain other strict cancels like Chun’s cr.LPxxSA2.

Just cancel it the same way you would do Ken low forward shippu. Like Aku said its semi lenient but I like the input to be faster, whatever works for you.

I haven’t played Ken yet LoL I’ve barely gotten into 3sO and spending most of my time with Makoto because she is really fun to play. I will see if I can land Kens low forward into shippu. I find it weird that you say it’s lenient because I’ve tried to get the cancel out as fast as I could and it didn’t even seem like I was close lol.

what would the stick inputs look like? the way I’ve been doing it is 2+lk - 3 -6 -2 - 3 - 6p

thanks for the tips

Well, I’ll admit that it’s not as lenient as Ken’s cr.MK xx Super, but it’s certainly not as strict as Chun’s low jab into Super. And yeah, that’s the correct input. There’s no real trick to it, just…2+LK, 36236+P.

What’s up Tide. Anyway, I don’t know why you would want to do into her super when you should link it from a dash punch, but that cancel is still super easy. The anime FG notation amuses me, but it is easier to write out…Do it like this.
Did it first try. Basically, buffer that first qcf, since Makoto doesn’t have a qcf+k move.

@ Panda no real reason, I just wanted to do it I guess, I read the wiki and saw that it was a possible combo and got frustrated when I couldn’t do it haha.
anyway I tried your way and got it on my first attempt, it’s incredibly easy when you buffer the first qcf lol. After using that method I saw how quick the needed to be cancelled and I was able to do it without buffering it too lol.

Cool. :slight_smile: Let’s get some more mirrors in later then.

Yeah the link from Hayate to SA1 is really crucial in twins/chun matchups in my experience (even though i need a lot more practice against those 3) But yeah it allows for a confirm that saves you your whole bar so whats not to like?

Also, what super do you guys like in the Makoto mirror? I prefer SA1 since thats the most hectic matchup in the game and I like confirming for dmg. But SA2 is a straight ender if u 100% so I think it goes both ways.