Makoto sig

Freshman attempt at a Makoto sig, its extremely simple and I used pootnannies’ HD Makoto Sprite. Thank you again for that poot. The calligraphy Kanji is Makoto, according to the site I ripped it from it means sincerity. Feel free to critique my work, I’m still very new to PS and have put no value in these early attempts.

i like it. colors go well together

yeah the colors are good keep it up

the only problem i see is that the right corner takes all the attention. my eye just keeps going to that part of the sig for some reason. it’s not a big deal, i really like it just want to give honest criticism

Fairplay, my initial version had Makoto attacking the Kanji with some motion blur and a little pow star object in the center, but the Makoto shadows looked retreating and I didnt like that so much. I’m gonna try to rework it cuz i see what you mean and would like to focus everything towards the center