Makoto=uber sexy

any one want to bang that chick?

she’s so dyke but still a priss…

I wish she were real.

This is a joke thread, right? Someone close this.


Yeah, I’d hit it, right after she gondanzuki’s me in the ass. :confused:

She can Tanden-Renki me anytime, baby.

I think she’s hot! I mean, put Sakura in a karate outfit and she’d look the same. :karate:

Big hands :tup:

Yeah, there is that actually. It gets worse during her taunt, too. X(

She looks like she’d give a good blow. Chun-li’s ass is tight though.

Why stop at a blow job? :3

Elena 4 Lyfe Scrubz

she’ll MANHANDLE the cock

hahahaah i made a funny

Now, Elena has a face like a boy. And legs like a giraffe. >.<

that girl would ripe your dick off if she would give you a hand job.

nahh she’s pretty cute…

Wouldn’t mind bangin that ho

she looks like I girl I wanted to date…