Makoto v.s chun_li



well makoto and chun-li is a better match up… makoto just kicks everyones ass!!:evil:


Not true.

Her low fwd doesnt match any of chun’s prominent pokes, and chun is one of the few chars she cant beat in the air.

Chun has a good wakeup move that has better reach than even ken’s fierce dp, the ex SBK, thereby screwing makoto’s sick wake up game by making her think twice before even trying a ‘safe vs other characters’ move like kara-karakusa an even kara hayate cancel to whatever.

The risk to payoff ratio for makoto to even think about doing an out of the blue hayate against chun with meter is plain absurd.even crappier than doing it vs ken with least vs urien or even yun u wont expect to see half ur life gone for trying that.

look at Izu during SBO,the crazy shit he did to beat chun down.Out of nowhere DP when chun wake’s up?!wakeup low.shortxxsa1?!if it werent for Izu watching his opponent’s match vids over and over again before the turney i dont think he would have made it.


from what ive seen, the most important thing is to keep chun from getting any meter. cr.fierce has decent reach. wakeup is key.

good move is also roundhouse qcb+k, goes around back fierce and it resets chun. SA1 just because theres no time where u want chun to corner you.

honestly i dont know too much of this matcup, theres barely any chuns in my area.


First, I agree that Chun is a tough matchup for makoto, the low forward is very effective against makoto’s dashing in, and the EX SBK for anti wake-ups. That said, you don’t need to study match vids to know a chun li player is going to EX SBK when she’s getting pressured. Izu just knew that makoto’s shitty DP trades with EX SBK and allows for a juggle afterward. Good job to him for baiting it out and punishing. Also lots of people do low shorts into super on wakeup, it’ll stop people from trying to wakeup throw you real fast. (Okay, so maybe not 1 short like makoto has, but Izu is crazy.)


staying on her really is key. keep her on the ground and dont let her build meter. as far as the ex sbk, as with playing against any other character (save maybe urien or anyone else with no real wake up options), you have to learn to read your opponent, and get real good at guessing.

i found well timed axe kicks work pretty well too.


Standing Strong owns Chun’s EX SBK for free and allows for an SA 1 afterward. BUT, you CANNOT get the Strong off in time if you’ve thrown/swept Chun Li and she quickrises! (Then again, this also means she didn’t have enough time to charge.)