Makoto - v2012 Combos



I’d like to know exactly what she can do now…

So far the best I have is:

MK Tsurugi > Target Combo 1 > LP Hayate > Super > Ultra 1
9 Hits : 546 Damage 346 Stun


Posted these in the nerfage thread. Hopefully the sticky gets updated:

s.Fierce xx feint, TC xx jab Hayate = 414 stun/223 damage
s.Fierce xx feint, TC xx strong Hayate = 414 stun/230 damage
s.Fierce xx feint, TC xx EX Hayate = 435 stun/244 damage
s.Fierce xx feint, TC xx EX Hayate, jab Fukiage, EX Tsurugi = 641 stun/378 damage

s.fierce xx feint, s.strong, TC xx jab Hayate 482 stun/261 damage
s.fierce xx feint, s.strong, TC xx strong Hayate 482 stun/267 damage
s.fierce xx feint, s.strong, TC xx EX Hayate 500 stun/279 damage
s.fierce xx feint, s.strong, TC xx EX Hayate, jab Fukiage, EX Tsurugi 668 stun/338 damage

The damage on that last one might be wrong. Have to go back to training mode when I get the chance.


stLK seems to NEVER connect vs crouching opponents in strings(maybe char specific?) but that sets up a blocklkkarakusa and you can also use it for either a feint or use the cancel distance to get in a point blank overhead.


Mp Oroshi,TC Hayate/ex hayate i am digging that one


Does it work on crouchers(since that’s the primary position the opponent will be in when you land oroshi)


I cannot get mp,mp,tc i wonder if it’s char specific like the 3x mp’s


sadly it does not,the only option vs duckers,lp/ex hayate
Although properly timed the does open some nice karakusa options.


just S. MP


what does TC stand for?


Target combo


Sorry for being off-topic but what’s the makoto target combo?


She has 3 target combos (TC) :

  • Yamase (f+HP > HP HP)
  • TC1 (LK > MK)
  • TC2 (f+MK > HK)

Have you ever done her trials ?


tbh, no.

and thanks :smiley:


You guys got to think outside the box lol! Combos against dudly since he is such a wide ass:

j. HP, s. HP, level 2 MP Hayate, FADC, s.LP, s.MP, s.MP,TC1>> Hayate and Corner combo if you want

Remember its not about the combo. Its about setting up free karakusas! Choosing between 0,1, and 2 sMP when using TC 1 makes blockakusa during any given point VERY dangerous. Now I wouldn’t do that combo in a match, but knowing that at ANY point in the combo I can sub blockakusa makes me very happy. I got a lot of stuff and a vid coming very soon…


Looking forward to the video. I bought the pc version in hopes of making some videos but my laptop isn’t that great, it is hard to get 30 frames with fraps running, and 2012 still isn’t out for pc yet.


Vryu! That fadc cross up is ridiculous! I’m going to start using that immediately, or atleast as soon as i get back from vacation : )
On the other hand, its just another reason that no one will be using the improved super.


If you still play on the PC your out of luck. That’s a fix implemented on v.2012 :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeah…whoops : (


Coming from a player new to AE2012 as a whole, what would Makoto BnBs be? I’m not looking for unleashing combo video footage upon an opponent mid-match, more practical things.


Hit-confirm BnBs?

s.MP, s.MP xx MP/EX Hayate
c.LP, s.LP, s.MP xx MP/EX Hayate (whiffs after cross-up a lot)
s.HP xx Hayate Cancel, s.MP xx MP/EX Hayate

Replace any of those s.MP enders with c.LK xx LP/EX Hayate to make them 2-frame links.

Check out the AEMAKOTO thread, scroll down a few posts to her combos for all situations.