Makoto Video Thread/Match Critiques




I finally get to upload some of my matches. Sorry for the horrible quality; I recorded it off my cellphone.

Kinda failed in my executions in some, I don’t usually drop my combos; that’s what lag does to you T_T. But it got better later.

Recorded it off the replay, by the way. Good and bad critiques are welcomed. Need to know what areas I do good in, and what areas I lack and need to improve. =p

Edit: Changed the title so that people can upload their own matches, and have theirs critiqued.

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I think you’re trying to play her too much like her 3S form. Following up a Hayate with cr. lk into hayate is not really a safe move, that Dudley could’ve punished it with an uppercut if it was blocked. Plus you’re not really making good use of her pokes and just rushing in recklessly. You’re trying to get in that karakusa and gimmicking your way to victory too much. If you’re opponent knew how to block and punish, you would’ve lost. How many cr. mp and hayates did he block that game?


The first thing I noticed was an absolute abuse of Hayate. The best suggestion I can say is…don’t. It’s very tempting because a normal canceled into the Hayate seems very ‘quick’, and sequential iterations seems to give the idea that you’re applying offensive pressure. But, Hayate is something you really need to pick your spots for. The fact that ANY version of it can be Focus Absorbed means if your opponent doesn’t want to be put into block stun, he doesn’t have to…and he might get a counter crumple into free combo to boot.

The second thing I noticed was an under-utilization of Makoto’s normals. Please trust me on this…her normals are GDLK. If you want to put pressure on your opponent, use normals.

The only other things I have to say are pretty trivial. Like ^^^KenshinX said, you can’t play her like 3s Makoto; a lot of things were lost in translation. The risk/reward for rushing in to get a karakusa is not worth it at all, because once they get a reversal knockdown, they will jump in on your wake up all day. The true threat is really that she has the option to Karakusa, and which leads me to my final note.

Once you get a knockdown, you gotta start going for mixups. She has many options:

Whiffed Forward+HK to the other side and start pokes or jump in
Cross up with MK and either do block strings into overhead or command grab
Block string into tick throw with kara throw, follow up with jump in.

It’s ok to be up in your opponents face and not do damage. The pressure itself is enough to eventually make your opponent crack, and then you get your guaranteed damage.


Thanks guys, your response made me think twice about my gameplay. Although, it does seem like I spam Hayates too much, but it’s just because I’m able to exploit it, and make full use of it without getting punished too hard. If he did catch on, and made me regret pushing out my Hayate, then my game plan will change. And yeah, I did play much like a 3s Makoto on that one, haha.

Here’s another match where I ‘adapted’ to a much more ‘punish’ style and made use of her normals more. See how it fares:


Again, positive and negative criticism are always welcomed. Anything to level up. =p


We should probably just use this thread for anyone wanting feedback on their makoto so we don’t have more of these threads popping up. If the OP doesn’t mind that is. . .


Nice match, but I don’t think you’ll be learning “from your mistakes” by playing that Dudley. Seems like you got away with murder.
I personally like getting smash by players much better than me so some of those lessons are beaten into me =)


How does one practice though? The majority of people on Live are noobs that won’t help your game at all, and if anything probably get you into bad habits. And I don’t really know any good players.


yeah im going to post my video if OP gives me the okay

oh my OP is that monitor an Asus VH222 if so i got the same thing lol


I don’t know anything about Makoto, but I can tell you that you were playing better. My only complaint is that you should use other things for punishing than a sweep because I’m pretty sure there are better more damage dealing punishers for Makoto. If not, I have no real feed back lol.


here’s some footage of my makoto, playin kinda crappy lol, but i’ll get the hang of her


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I think the OP (or a mod) should change the title to “Makoto Match Video Thread/Critiques”.

Here’s mine. This was yesterday. Still working on my execution and getting used to Dudley’s SSFIV antics. There are some terribly long periods of nothing in the second and first rounds, sorry.



@ NinjaCW and Miyomei: I totally wouldn’t mind changing the title to what Miyomei suggested. It would be nice to see other peoples matches.

@lilfoot: True. There’s no way to get better than playing someone that is better than you.

@Falco2073: True too. But, I don’t play with scrubs though. Most of these guys that I play with, since I only play with my friends online who live on the same island, haha, are pretty good. We have a local tournament scene going on, and usually it consists of the same guys that I play with everyday on casuals. The ‘tournament’ just gives it a more ‘official atmosphere’, makes everyone hype. Check out this channel:

@FunkyLam: Sorry dude, it’s a Samsung T240HD lol. And yes, I’m totally changing(if I can figure out how, haha) the title so that anyone can post up their matches. If I can’t or aren’t able to, hopefully a mod sees it, and is able to make the changes.

@Rey Aries: Usually knockdowns are what you want to aim for, although Mak doesn’t really have that much of a mixup game.




I was comparing her to like mix-up masters like Akuma and Gief, but oh well.


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I don’t know if anyone posted this up yet, but here is some footage from a guy named Daidouraku. He’s actually playing against someone that’s good :smiley: I’ve been using this has a reference point of how I’m going to start using my Makoto. Good stuff!



Playlist of my ranked mode training as I slowly learn the character. Of what is uploaded so far I know I need to work on anti-airs, but anything else I can work on improving?


Video of me vs a Guile player. Any critiques would be welcomed.



Holy crap, you managed to actually land Abare against Guile’s Booms! Thought that was damn near impossible. Was he just not blocking the 2nd one?