Makoto Vids

I decided after looking for quite a while, I cant seem to find any recent match vids with Makoto in them. :sweat: This thread should help with that.

One of thw few Makoto players I’ve seen is Sex-taro here are some match vids: <-- This has Arlieth playing as well

a couple of arlieth matches from 12/16 (right click, save as):

This Makoto is played by J.

Sorta out on a limb, but i figure its worth a shot…

I remember about a year back, there was a makoto vid that showcased a lot of different things, such as ex hayate finishers in corner, dash unders, and from what i can remember some very useful setups.

Wish i could remember who made it, but all i can remember are a few lyrics from the song that’s playing in the background.

“fantastic plastic”…“fan-(dj scratching) tastic plastic”

I know how stupid i must sound right now, but im a pretty decent makoto player and remembered this vid was useful. Any ideas? Thanks.

I wish I knew where to find something like that, but I dont.

:sad: :sad: :sad:

The only enders I can think of for Makoto after an EX Hayate is:

another mp hayate into mix up
twd+lk into c.HP/dash option select/dash karakusa
or a simple finisher that resets sort of allowing you to mix up immediately as the opponent falls standing with you have the frame advantage. you can do the same as above basically except they bounce up a bit higher in this to conceal your movements a little, dash c.lp x hayate works well as well as just dash in and karakusa.

dash unders is basically by chance to you if you can get them, parry opponent jump in > s.lp dash under into mixup (karakusa/option-select/c.lp x hayate/c.lp x [optional ex or not]karate chop).

You can do it off of a connected karakusa x s.HP x SA2 as well when you’re doing a late tsurugi in the air then dash under and s.lp dash under and mix up. It’s a lot better then wasting on a super after that reset since it’s very easy to parry and it 's not really beneficial to you to do 2 SA2s in one combo anyways other then if you’re just trying to show off.

against ken (maybe other shotos) you can use cr. MP to reset after hitting him with an EX Hayate in the corner.

Just watch match vids played by J. He does all that stuff and its easier to know what to do during a match vid.

Id be willing to host a lot of Makoto Vids on my site and put them in the MEGA THREAD if you guys want to get together and send them to me. I have some on my computer but not as much as I used to. If you guys want to rapidshare them or something and send me the link, ill download them and host them on my site.

If you guys want to add some commentary on what is going on in the match and why the person is doing a certian move, I think that may be cool. So if we get some noobz coming through they can really understand what is going on.

Honestly, I think that may warrent a sticky all its own! :wink:

Man that would be great! Let’s get it on

Now all we need is to get those vids. :lol:

I’ll try to get some more stuff up here by tomorrow.

Can I Upload my Makoto match vids ?? O_o… i have a few… ^^U

i want haunts vids!

btw i talked to kofiend and were gona toss out some makoto vs yang matches so u guys can see him rape my face…
sometime in the future hopefully

Me wanna see! :looney:

wait dont u go to same arcade as him?

typical video of me is something like “what is this scrub doing… oh lord… who does that?..he won? how did that happen?” :slight_smile:

Yea but I’ve only played him like 3 times. :lol:

I’m interested in seeing some of the other US Makoto’s in action apart from Arlieth and Ken I… so dont be shy, post them up! On the subject of KOFiend, I played him once or twice when I was in Japan and he is very tricky… very nice skills. I really hate playing Yang. :wasted:

As for Makoto videos, I know there are some floating around from the SBO period this year… J was beasting in casuals on SBO day, I think one of the french players got some matches of him in action although I dont think they are encoded yet. Even though he was rusty, he was still raping people left, right and centre. :looney:

I want to know more about Boss and his Makoto! Now tell me

From what I experienced and saw over there with Makoto I would say… J>Boss>KO>Ino>the rest