Makoto Vids

I never seen what KO makoto’s like, any vids of him?
Does Ino usually choose SAI super most of the time? Cause just from a few SBO vids i’ve seen, he usually just sticks with that super.

Lame question TSC, but what color did Boss use?

Yes, I’m a Boss fan


the tape is fucked, these 2 had the least amount of static

lol… so that’s whats going through your head

man i hate watching my own matches

who cares? its casuals, you vs me.
when do i bless myself to parry that much against strangers? against makoto? o dear…
o and btw, theres alot of BS in that vid, like the commands, i parried those wtf.

Mr. Quotes hits KOFiend with SAI = peaceful image


wat u didnt see or hear in those vids is kofiend thanking me for gracing him with my immense greatness, and me infiniting and perfecting all of his teams in MvC2

what you don t hear quotes say is:
“i m so thankful you don t record our marvel matches”

your all like:
“behh i m a bitch”


lmao @ 2:22

My friend and I are organizing a “mini-tournament” between ourselves… really just a challenge.

We’re gonna play 5 games, best of 5 rounds. $5 per game, and an extra $3 per perfect, making a potential grand total of $70 :rofl:

It’ll be recorded; I’ll be using makoto, so you guys can witness this great match up (Y) it’s taking place 3 weeks from now when he’s done exams. <-- Makoto Rape!!!

Anyone got match vids of a Makoto SA III player?

Try FFA Ranbats featuring Mike Z.

The peacing image was fah :lol:. Hopefully I can post up some of my matches soon and I can get flammed. Any Makoto vs ORO?

Here are some vids I found, hope you like them as I thought they were good in regards to getting 100% stun with SA2 and they are all in order














I think this is a good Makoto match

I’ve got those already. There are still sexy to watch.

Mmm I dunno about this one, seems shifty… I think the makoto took way too much poke damage than she should have, although she ended up winning in the end. The style is too risky for my tastes, she dashes in way too frequently and does a lot of empty jumps without parrying which she gets punished for continuously. Can’t believe the reversal EX fukiages worked tho :wtf: The chuns I play against play much more conservatively than that… wakeup only involves crouching moves, close or kara throw, none of which ex fukiage would punish. The chun also should have punished a LOT of the dash-ins (just stand there and HP/b.HP/, lots of options here)

Could someone link me to it plz?

Got a quick question about Makoto’s FP Abare-tosanami link…

In this video: [media=youtube]FSFPN9g26cI[/media]

You can see the 12 second mark that the game calculates 2 hits. (for the karakusa and the fp). So my question… Ekin was able to block the super art? because if not, the 2 hits should have been added at the end of the combo right?