Makoto vs chun tick kara-throw

This is probably my single biggest weakness while playing Chun. The only 2 real options that I know are to jump away, or to sit and block and hope they guess you’re jumping away. I could probably sneak in a SA1 against her, but I prefer to play 2 on chun for the meter.

So my question is, is there anything I can consistently do to get away from it? Or what’s the best method of just avoiding the situation entirely?

tech the throw is the best way to avoid it, just becareful and try to read the opponent as best you can i have issues with this too =)

you just have to guess. there’s a ton of options, and a ton of counter options chun can do, you just have to guess as well as predicting and reading your opponent.

an example would be: chun does crouching jab. you think she’s gonna throw you, so you try to put out a crouching jab of your own to stop her thrown. she can possibly option select you and low tech and xx super you. she could just kara throw. she could do another crouching jab. she could delay the throw knowing you’ll try to tech. she could bait your throw. there’s too many possibilities to know what to do everytime.

after a chun, jump instant EX tsurugi only loses to back+hp and which usually they parry before of it so you’ll have time to possibly trade. but anyways that’s one way to avoid a throw.

u gotta be careful w/ tick situations because is advantage on block im pretty srue, and from that range if chun B+HP’s you right away afte the tick you will almost always get hit no matter what you do

besides all that…

jumping out of the mixup while parrying is the safest option
instant air EX Tsurugi is probably the most reliable option
grinding it out on the ground is something you should only do when chun got no meter

backdash, xx sa1 if you feel lucky

…pretty much echoing what everybody else said- hope you feel psychic

This goes right along with the other guesses, but st. rh will back you out of range of most tick setups and usually land a hit. At the right range it will also step back over low forward (and sometimes hit), but if they’re ready for it on whiff, they can sa2 punish the rh recovery.

Neutral rh kara ex chop can also have positive results. You can also uoh to avoid throw and low forwad, and if they tick and b+fierce, you’ll get hit and fly out of Chun bullshit range. Rh kara uoh might work, but this isn’t something I’ve really tested. Successful low tech may let you land cr. jabx2 xx sa1 also.

But yeah just jump away if the life isn’t in your favor.

A while back I tried coming up with some defense things involving UOH, and it appears it’s not off the ground nearly as fast as you’d want it to be. I agree with usage of s.rh, it’s underused IMO. Like Q/Ryu/Akuma’s it lifts the front leg making low shorts/forwards miss at times, which is nice if they leave a hole and you guess wrong on the throw.

If you’re playing SA1 against Chun and you’re getting backed into a corner, jumping over them benefits you more if you guess right. Just don’t forget to air parry before you land jic.

I’m pretty sure that UOH is instant OTG and throw immuned

nope i been’d and thrown out of UOH’s. i know this because sometimes i would try and UOH a little late after a scrub’s jump in (UOH the same time they grab) and i get grabbed.

i said this long time ago (in a galaxy far away… XDDD): The best move to beat Chun’s Kara-Throw is with a Lk Karakusa but it’s too risky too, cause you’re opening yourself to c mk -> S.A. II. I suggets to (all of) you use this only when you’re cornered.

uhh assuming they are staying/ticking at far kara throw range virtually all of whores options would beat that

(ie far rh looking of you to cr tech, counter tick your way out, her basic hit confirms would leave her out of range of karakusa, or if she was just fishing for parries post tick you just left your self wide open…)

If they are ticking from much closer into her rh kara throw/sggk range then you might get away with it

Yes. You’re right, but all this stuff it’s obvoius, isn’t?? the only thing you can guess is her c Mk on [very] long range, but if Chun it’s on that distance is too obvious that you’ll block/parry down, do a UOH, try to hit her with a s. Hk (in that distance, you’ll avoid the hit) ‘cause chun needs to move toward to you to enter in the range of the her kara-throw, so if you’ve time to react, you can grab her with a Kara when she’ moving forward in the kara-animation or try to hit her with s. Rk when she’s doing the throw to avoid it.

So, think about this: if you’re cornered [with any char], Chun often does a c. Lp -> Kara-Throw// s. Hk, you can Lp Hayate her in the right moment [reversal] but this is too risky too [imo].

i’m about to explode your mind.

you can tech throw’s while crouching, holding downback and hitting jab+short.

BUT if you fail to tech the throw, then you jab. if you connect with the jab you can hayate.

but you also have to understand, that sometimes the obvious isn’t =)


The back dash is really strong and if they try to parry after the cr. lk than normally cr. MK or st. FP are the only worries you have. and st. fp isn’t super so it’s not to bad an exchange to get the situation back under control. Teching is best and cr. Teching even better but sometimes you might get parried and that kinda sucks.

You have to be agressive againts Chun-Li with MA. If your not, your always going to lose. The same goes for any other character your fighting. Just watch J MA, and BOSS MA. THey’re very agressive, compared to a player such as Shiroitachi. Make use of mp or lp fukiage if Chun-Li likes to jump around a lot. For instance, what J vs Erotic Teacher on Youtube.