Makoto VS Urien Aegis shielders. one move in perticular actually. care to help?

Im not sure if it can be avoided, here it goes thou.

Its the one where you are lying down because you just got your ass beat somehow and Urien throws up an Aegis in front of you while HE headbutts himself behind you, and while there he kicks you in the BACK. (that swine) Now is this unblockable? or am i simply blocking it wrong?

Lets say it looks like this, at which direction should i press to block it? or as much as possible of it =/

A= Aegis shield
M= Me
U= Urien

Oh oh oh! And also, i just remembered. Uriens Tackle dash thingy, its suposedly “not safe” to throw out when ever, and yet i cant seem to find a solid way of punishing him for throwing it out when im blocking. (without parrying it first of course!) And while your at it, let me know if the answer you apply for it also works on a blocked EX tackle.

That’s Urien’s basic midscreen unblockable, you’re just going to have to parry it. For Makoto, it’s a mininum of 2-3 parries to get out of it safely. Also, if the Urien assumes you can parry out if it, he can simply throw you(which is better than taking the aegis+launcher damage tho).

Generally, you can punish tackles with>hayate. There’s this weird thing about 3S in situations where you will not be able to block, but you can still decide to “block” high or low. Most Uriens by instinct will try to block low after tackles, so you’ll get the damage bonus for crouching as well. If you’re using SA1, you can link that after Hayate to really drive home the point that tackles are unsafe.

Also, this matchup is largely in favor of you. Obviously, be somewhat cautious when he has meter, a two bar Urien has the potential to fuck you up out of a round. You can stuff his tackles and his sweep with, and you can stuff his headbutts with A karakusa in the corner guarantees at least 50% stun, so you can dizzy him in two karakusas. As long as you don’t underestimate him and execute properly, he won’t even get a proper chance to set you up for Aegis.

Good stuff Ramza

Be careful trying to stuff headbutts with cr.RH though, unless you do it on reaction. My experience has been cr.RH just karas Urien’s throw for him.

If you think Urien is going to headbutt, just standing there is another option. None of Urien’s headbutts hit an idle standing Makoto, not even the EX. If you think he’s going to headbutt just stand there and let him jump into your grab for you.

I only kind of understand why this match is considered in Makoto’s favor. Urien can be kind of difficult because of his mean AA punishment, so be careful when jumping in. Also his st.Fierce seems to beat alot of Mak’s good ground stuff if it’s done a little later.

But, EX tackle can definately be thrown after block, and also for the regular ones I’d just say patience and parry. If Urien grabs you I would always roll so he can’t set up the usual unblockable. I think it’s better to be at least inside the mirror if he guesses or sees you roll than it is to be between him and it. Also keep in mind that if Urien isn’t looking for it, dash->sh. karakusa can grab him out of crazy stuff like sweeps and sometimes fireballs.

For the mirrors, he’s hitting you on both sides at the same time - that has to be parried if caught in it, unless maybe a hailmary wakeup SA1 to get him off (you’ll still get ticked by the mirror though). Parry a time or two and then throw Urien out of it, moving yourself out of the mirror as well. Either way, you always block as if you were blocking Urien, and always parry towards Urien as well.

OK, what if i were to attemp to parry the entire thing. which direction should i start to parry the unblockable? or should i just parry down first and then parry towards urien and then down??? i’m a little confused, can someone detail the sequence of parries for me.

also, do i parry a cross up forward or backward?

yea, i’m a noob… help a brother out!

which unblockable? the main ones are the midscreen(where he headbutts over you), and the corner(where he uses the knee drop to unblockable). Midscreen, parry towards the initial direction the shield came out, not where Urien is at, or just parry down. Parry about 3 times(can’t remember exactly), and mash on throw. Keep in mind, you are still at his mercy; if he finds you parrying that shit he can easily throw, so keep a very close eye on what he’s doing.

As for the corner unblockable, all that I’ve found for Makoto to do is to down parry. I’ve tried to foward parry and walk out of aegis like shotos, but it’s not workin out for me(anyone know whats up with this?). If you down parry, you will get knocked down by the knee drop, eating its damage. You’re gonna wake up with the damn shield still all up in your grill, but it turns into a 50/50 if he can break your guard, if u just blocked you would’ve ate a shitload of gauranteed damage.

You parry cross ups in the opposite direction you block them. Think about it:looney:

The only way to stop the mid screen Aegis setup is to not get knocked down in the middle of the screen…and if you do…techroll. Although, ramza’s info is right if you decide that you need to parry it.

Corner unblockable is impossible to avoid unless you down parry the aegis and take the damage from the knee drop wqhich will knock you down.

And last but not least, makoto is too fat to parry and then “walk out” of the aegis at any point. The only situation i’ve gotten out of an Aegis was if I did a karakusa before the aegis came out…and i still got hit at the end of the karakusa.

P.S. - my advice on fighting crossups: Just block them or dash under the attempt, if you parry it there’s still a heavy chance that they land on the other side of you and you eat damage anyway.

The only time i find parrying a jump in effective is when they are for sure going to land in front of you.

The first hit of aegis post headbutt over can be parried/blocked either way, (ive always parried the first hit twds urien assuming i didn’t parry down)

As for the corner unblockable i wouldn’t say that

I had a shitload more typed up about how to counter his aegis setups bouncing of aegis stuff and the his no poke unblockable but i somehow got logged out so im not gonna bother retyping it…

Anyways most of the stuff is covered in other threads anyways

yea, let me post a disclaimer: the stuff i post is not fail - safe…it’s what works for me though. Of course each player should develop their own style by experimentation.

Risky and hard, but worth 'em if you can do it:
Midscreen - If you aren’t inside the Aegis, a wakeup EX DP will stuff his meaty and move you away from the Aegis as well.
Corner - If you are quick and Urien is off on his timing (i.e. you weren’t hit by the kneedrop right after the parry), you can down-parry into EX DP and hit the kneedrop instead. You can Jab DP if he’s really late. You still take the full Aegis, but at least he doesn’t get another shot at a 50/50.

Mike Z