Makoto: who is she?

I’ve played a little 3S in my day, but it was never anything hardcore. I’ve never played against good Makoto players, so I don’t really know how she should be played. Is she a shoto player? Is she a grappler? Is she a combination of the two? Why does she go beet red for her super?

I remember playing her in 3S w/out the slightest idea of what to do. If someone will enlighten us noobs, thanks!

Here you go.




The big deal with Makoto is her command grab. If you land it you can combo into her dash punches (don’t know the proper term) or some of her Super Arts. The way the character works is to land that command grab and then force them into a guessing situation. She was someone you had to put a lot of work into.

I really doubt she’ll be that powerful in super because that J/Kokujin video is fucking ridiculous, also SF4 is more conducive to fireballs which might put a kink in her playstyle. Did her EX dash punch go through fireballs?

I predict Chun-Li tier, which breaks my heart.

If you had to compare her to a SF4 character, I guess she would be closest to Fei Long.

More like Abel, in that she has no real defence and is purely based on non-stop pressure.

I can already see her match-up against Zangief. :shake:

Well his lariat got nurfed. You can punish it low much better now.

Everyone always posts that, but like this one more

I’d hope that you can use the dropping hitboxes of Up-punch to drop under the arms and knock him up. But I doubt it.

She’s your worst nightmare

Makoto is the Worst Nightmare of charge characters =(
Why everybody thinks she’s a shoto at first? because the Gi costume? lol

Well it does seem to be a trend of shoto = gi, I think Makoto is the only exception (don’t quote me on that).

Bison tells the truth…


Shes a bad bitch… what some 3s vids man. She is hype… pure hype.

So she isn’t a newbie friendly character… Is she harder to play than Yun?


I never played Yun so not sure on that. Execution wise she’s intermediate level. The barrier to entry is mostly a matter of tactics, what to do and when.

She’s the instructor of a woman’s self defense class.


Makoto is badass. She’s small, but packs a big punch.

To the balls.

I’d say shes an intermediate level character. In her story, its similar to Dan, as she’s fighting for her dojo and her father. She has a brother who has a job in the city, so she was left with the reigns.

Makoto is like El Fuerte, but instead of guessing correctly 20 times and winning you guess right 2-3 and win. :china:

I still don’t know why she turns red during her ultra

she’s in rage mode like in 3S