Makoto xbl players



psn has a thread so figured we could use one for xbl.

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I main makoto around 3000pp skill level (i don’t play much ranked). looking to level up so I’m after some mirror matches. I also don’t mind playing people new to makoto to help them improve.

Location: UK
Xbl: Buttery101

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Yo I’ll add you. My Makoto is still in the beginner stage but I know some things with her. Im looking to level up with her and as I said in the QQ thread I dont mind losing. Im just looking to learn and get better


I’m trying to learn Makoto myself,
A good sparring partner would be nice.


Where you from dude?

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I live in Antarctica.
I live in Georgia, from New Orleans though.


I don’t play ranked(2300pp 2800 bp with only Makoto played (except 1 dudley match cause I got pissed off at a scrubby sagat when he beat my makoto) ,but if anyone is learning I’m willing to help, overall I have about 9500 matches played with her if anyone has any doubts
GT: Despa1r , I’m from Bulgaria (for those of you who dont know , Bulgaria’s in Europe)


Name’s GoombaFromMario on XBL. I am trash in the mirror match and my connection as been on the fritz lately but I’ll go some rounds if anyone is interested.

Also, what part of Georgia you in? I’m from there originally, though I live in Missourri these days


Buttery i think i have played some mirror matches with you in the distant past.

Anyway i would be up for a few games some point soon. Im above average, just trying to learn the advanced makoto stuff at the moment.


yeah I remember you dude :slight_smile: your makoto’s pretty good. drop me an invite sometime, I’m always up for some mirror matches.


I just picked up Makoto and would love to be trained in the ways of Rindoukan.
XBL: Iyokuu


Workin’ at it: XBL: Leakey88


XBL: B0b199, Location: Asia
Need to play Makoto more.


XBL: P Fro
I’m always down to try in improve my execution, as it’s mediocre at best on most days.


XBL: Frost845
I am the golden god. Best makoto in the U.S. Hit me up :stuck_out_tongue:


Thread still alive? tryna pick her up. XBL : SeiKano


Ill add anyone, im always lookin to level up GT Mrblackhurrt



I think we’ve played before.

Picked up Makoto earlier this week. xxxTeriosxxx. The gt is not mine but I play on it wed, fri and sat usually.


Hey guys i’m new to ssf4 scene and am trying to main makoto. I’m an xbl pad player and my gamertag is KAOSN00B as well. Feel free to message me. Also looking for a good teacher if thats possible haha


I’m not quite sure where to put this.

I’d like to play with some good Maks from here and get feedback, criticism and advice. I’m not happy with my progress with this character.

I have fundamental problems. I jump too much, focus too much, am missing technical ability, knowledge and consistency.

The stuff I do know I feel like I may be too predictable with.

Recently, I have been making an effort to address these things, and not without success. I’ve been improving! but I think some outside opinions and perspective would be helpful.

My tag is two posts above from when I started this character. If nobody’s interested, though, maybe I’ll look for my recorder and try to upload some matches.

Edit: On second thought … I dunno. Doing my hw on her shit again and there’s just so much I don’t know. Maybe in a month this will be a better idea.