here’s a makoto pic i created entirely in photoshop. i’ve been messing around with sthd sprites and tried that same shading style on this one. this is my original makoto. kinda hit a miss

I really like the angle you choose… the different layers of shading are a great touch also. Keep it up! I would love to see more ^^

Looks a bit ‘goofy’, but has an awesome amount of depth. Almost looks like a cel-shaded 3d render. Very cool and stylish.

yeah it does look a little strange. i’m gonna add a background and hopefully it will make it less awkward looking

damn. i’d say that was straight outta an old snk game if it were pixelated. lol. the front body portion of her gi looks pretty flat, and her right thigh looks big. maybe increase the angle a tad and bring up the bottom. other than that, keep up the good work! ^^