Makoto's karas?

hmmm my topic dissapeared…well here it is again:

I’m having major trouble doing any of them. on a DC pad haha.

like the karakara. do you do forward to down,, complete half-circle back motion, then again? or just, karakusa really fast?? I’ve been able to do the karakara once out of like 50 times haha what’s the reliable way to do it??

then her karafukiaga? how is that done?
kara UOH?
kara throw??

oh wait I can do her kara-hayate. HAHA

what is the advantage of using for kara’ing?
any help would be appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:

if you can do a kara-hayate, you should be able to do all the other karas as well… its done the exact same way… whiff s.short, then (ex. Karakusa), very quickly… just try harder… DC controls suck btw, so try to get a stick to practice.

Karathrow is useless… dont even bother with it… it moves her SO LITTLE, its not even worth it…

for Kara UOH, you need to do it with s.RH… whiff a s.RH, then cancel it by hitting the two mediums… this moves her backwards then forwards… its good for connecting SAI easier.

Keep your thumb next to foward dont hold it just keep yor thumb next to it tap lk then do the motion fast.

With Makotos karas, is the LK animation supposed to come out before the kara-move or is it supposed to be done the same way as kara-throws so that it only shows the small hop forward?

Makoto has sexy legs:clap: :encore: :party:

Does Makoto have a kara-oroshi? If so, how practical is it in actual gameplay?

yes she does. Its useful cause you can kara cancel it even if the st. LK hits. useful in hayate combos, hit with a st.Lk after a hayate and kara cancel the oroshi, a lot of times people will block low after a hayate to avoid another.

I’ve played against people who always block high after a hayate. What’s my best option there, besides karakusa? c.lp >> ex oroshi?

cr.LK >> ex oroshi is the one I see more often, but I suppose theyre one in the same (unless cr.LP can be parried high, cant remember).

the ex oroshi will hit them if the combo is st.HP >>hayate cr.LK >>ex oroshi. any more hayates and youll be too far to connect with the ex oroshi.

By immediately cancelling lk into Oroshi, you are in effect kara cancelling it. It works well if you’ve landed just enough>lp. hayates to get out of range to do it again, but your opponent is too busy trying to block low after taking two low combos to realize it. It’s in situations like those where lk>Oroshi comes into play, otherwise without the kara you’d whiff the overhead.

Ok I don’t understand here…sorry fellas. Totally new to this coming from Tekken and all.

to Kara the Fukiage what are the commands exactly?
…and Kara-throw
…and the Hayate
…and the Oroshi
…and the Karakusa

I can’t find out why people are learning this, but since everyone has one, I suppose they are really valuable. I haven’t learned their importance that’s all. Could someone clue me in.:pleased:

What’s the difference between a “link” and a “chain”?
Is SP strong punch?

Thanks a lot

kara cancelling anything increases the range. like for a kara throw, you cancel the normal move in its startup frames into a throw. Example being Chun Li, you cancel her st.MK into a throw. you press throw after MK so fast that its almost like youre hitting all 3 at once, but not quite. try it in training mode for a while. Youll see her move forward and throw if youve done the command successfully.

The importance of karas? extra range. you can throw from further away, or karakusa from further away, hayate etc. sometimes that extra range makes the difference between a win and a loss.

Makotos kara specials are different from normal karas, in that you have to have the LK come out and then do the move (read: hers are easier, IMO). like for kara hayate, you press lk, it comes out, and before her leg goes back down you quickly do a hayate. youll be able to see the range difference. Give it a try.

And FYI, I understand that youre new to the game, but this is explained in about a billion other threads. not trying to be a dick just letting you know. :tup: